"Let It Kill You" San Francisco Premiere Photos

Lucky audiences at The City's Roxie Theater got a sneak peek of the first pack of episodes from Ben McQueen’s new Let It Kill You web series. Get in on the action with all the red-carpet attendees.

01 DSC 6200The historic Roxie Theater, located at the infamous intersection of 16th and Sorry For 'Em

02 DSC 6182Out front, we find the men who made it happen, Trevar Cushing and Ben McQueen

03 DSC 6184Mandatory photo with the better half, McQueen and Clair Abplanalp

05 DSC 6188Lovey-dovey vibes from friends and well-wishers

05 DSC 6188Hungry young lensman Izzy Garcia gets it in before the show starts

06 DSC 6191Thrasher's Apparel Marketing Manager, the tall, dark and highly competent Jake Alan, seen here with Gabe and his special company Chloe

07 DSC 6195Lots of tats and friendly faces

09 DSC 6197Jill, Leia and Clair. The ladies were stoked and ready to marvel at the night’s skate-based artistry

09 DSC 6197Pretty good turnout for a rainy Monday, and the doors hadn't even opened yet

10 DSC 6208Thomas from DLX shop along with Alex Guibert and the one they call Seegull

11 DSC 6204Ben and Trevar were pumped to get a shot with ace photographer and NHS company man Eric Palozzolo

12 DSC 6210You already know Steffan wouldn’t miss that Mike Gigliotti episode

13 DSC 6219Ryan Townley—ripper, resinator and one of the featured players in tonight’s production sandwiched between the creators

14 DSC 6213Prestigious artists everywhere you turn, Thrasher’s Senior Designer Alán González with Michelle "Meng" Nguyen and Jeff Larrimore

15 DSC 6224Everyone had to get a picture with Ben, for instance, Alicia Sherwood, Alison Winter and Kilowatt kingpin Rick Eusey

16 DSC 6227Townley with his old Orange County pal and this month’s coverboy, Jeff Carlyle

17 DSC 6223One last photo op with the good homies before we go inside. From left to right we've got a photobomber, Laura Altdorffer, Trevar Cushing, Natalie Cappetta, Christian Hicks, John Campbell and Ben McQueen

18 DSC 6206We all know how theaters make their money

19 DSC 6229Fuck it, everyone's on the list tonight

20 DSC 6216Popcorn and bevs on deck

21 DSC 6230Superfans up front

22 DSC 6232All smiles. Love to see it

23 DSC 6233These guys are ready for it

24 DSC 6234Nina Dias and Jake Wolbert with Trevar Cushing

25 DSC 6237High Speed in the house! Video guy Brendan Bill and our new Junior Accounting Executive Kevin Braun with their respective partners Shelby and Zoee

26 DSC 6242Alright, enough crowd work, let's get this show rolling

27 DSC 6243But first, a few words from the man of the hour

28 DSC 6256Good stuff!

29 DSC 6259And the scene spills out onto 16th street

30 DSC 6263Then directly across the street to Kilowatt for the afterparty hosted by DJ Pretty Ricky

31 DSC 6264Slingin’ slices! Eric and Evtilson from Outta Sight Pizza held it down

32 DSC 6266Trevar wanted to get a back-focused NHS reunion pic. Nailed it with Pizzle, Trevar, Executive Kev and Jereme Knibbs

33 DSC 6269I took that as my cue to call it a night. Thanks to the Roxie Theater, Kilowatt and Outta Sight Pizza for a great evening. Congrats to Ben and Trevar and stay tuned for Let it Kill You, coming to a computer screen near you
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