John Clemmons and Cotie Robinson Pro Surprise for Darkroom Photos

On the hot, steamy evening of August 21, skateboarders from all over Kentucky descended on Home Skateshop. Ostensibly it was for a Darkroom and Home collab shirt release, along with a photo exhibit by Case Mahan. Little did the attendees know that it was actually a pro-board release party for Louisville's own John Clemmons and Cotie Robinson. Beer was drunk, pizza was eaten, tears were shed and someone even lost a shoe. Scroll through to witness the boys’ big moment.

Photos by Case Mahan

DSCF1065The stage is set before the crowd arrives. Walking into Home Skateshop, the first thing you see is a wall of photographs by Case Mahan. Just a night of high art and fresh product—that's it...

DSCF1067Outside, the crew assembles. Team manager and filmer David Kappa, Michael Marrow and Darkroom team rider Cole Dixon await the festivities

DSCF1068Well, some festivities already started early. John Clemmons and Cotie Robinson enjoy their last minutes of amateur life while Ryan Tassi, Michael Marrow, Cole Dixon and Jake Braun test Louisville’s open-container laws

DSCF1070It's called culture, sweetie, look it up

DSCF1080Back on the patio with 4/5 of the Darkroom team: John Clemmons, Cole Dixon, Cotie Robinson and Jake Braun

DSCF1113Darkroom dude Don Pendleton ready for an ambush. Having your first board penned by one of the most iconic artists in the game is a high honor

DSCF1090And the big reveal! Cotie checks out his new graphics with TM David Kappa

DSCF1097Our other man of the hour John Clemmons holds his pro model for the first time

DSCF1100"It's got a top graphic, too?!"

DSCF1109Proud mom and her professional boy

DSCF1120What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Jack Clemmons and Blake Bishop cop the first run 

DSCF1122“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”

DSCF1123Touching moment between company men Don and John

DSCF1126"Get over here, Cotie!"

DSCF1129Hugs and stoke all around. Big day for the hometown heroes

DSCF1130Still in shock

DSCF1131How long does a board last in the Kentucky Crust?

DSCF1135You know Don’s walkin’ away with a few for the vault

DSCF1137John Ralson and Blake Bishop promise to help John shoulder the responsibilities

DSCF1140Art and artists, Don and Cotie trade tips on their respective linework

DSCF1143Close to closing time, the gang's all here: Cotie Robinson, David Kappa, John Clemmons, Don Pendleton, Jake Braun and Cole Dixon

DSCF1147And while the grown-ups are distracted, the little one gets her hands on a new toy

DSCF1151You need extras when you skate like these dudes

DSCF1157One more heartwarmer

DSCF1159Stacks on stacks, you know we had to see the shop walls decked out before the night was over. Home’s got a heap of these planks ready for the hungry locals

DSCF1161Yep, this is real

Congratulations, John and Cotie. You guys earned it. If you haven't seen their parts in Darkroom's Incubator, fix that now. We wanna give a super huge thanks to Noah and everyone at Home Skateshop, Cosmo, too, for being in on the shenanigans and team manager David Kappa for luring everyone in. We also want to thank the fine folks at Rhinegeist Brewery for supplying beverages.

John and Cotie's pro models are now available through Darkroom's site and will be hitting shops shortly.
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