Jaime Reyes' Rockridge Birthday Party Photos

To commemorate Jaime Reyes getting an Actions REALized pro board, the REAL team flew her to SF for a trip with the crew. What she didn’t know is that they also planned a surprise birthday party for her with Skate Like A Girl, Unity and 510 Skate Shop at the Rockridge curbs. Spirits were high and everyone had a great time celebrating all things Jaime. Scroll down to see all the action. —Christian Alexander

Photos by Norma Ibarra

REAL JR NI 1We couldn't have picked a better day in Oakland, California
REAL JR NI 2Early arrivals Tris and Marbie soaking in the rays

REAL JR NI 3You know it's gonna be a good day when you got Samarria and Marbie on site

REAL JR NI 4Soon enough, Marbie was getting the curbs cookin’

REAL JR NI 5Dandy from 510 and Christian from REAL slangin’ boards out the trunk!

REAL JR NI 6And our guest of honor arrives with the Street Chicken

REAL JR NI 7First signed board goes to Cassie. Congrats on the recent promotion, Cass!

REAL JR NI 8Full-on block party

REAL JR NI 9"Oh shit, is this a birthday party?!"

REAL JR NI 10"That’s right! Happy birthday to you!"

REAL JR NI 11They're tears of joy

REAL JR NI 12“You want a speech? You’re gonna make me cry again”

REAL JR NI 13Mandatory cupcake to the face. Well played, Samarria!

REAL JR NI 14You just gotta love it

REAL JR NI 15What a turnout! So much love for Jaime

REAL JR NI 16Skate Like a Girl squad Hora, Lien and Sarah stoked to get their boards signed

REAL JR NI 17It’s not a party until the cops show up. Lucky for us we had Frank to run distraction

REAL JR NI 18The REAL crew keeps it close-knit for life

REAL JR NI 19Jeffrey from Unity and There Skateboards with an extra-special birthday present. And thanks for painting the banner too, Jeff!

REAL JR NI 20Skate Like A Girl’s Bay Area chapter does amazing work for the community. The scene wouldn’t be the same without 'em!

REAL JR NI 21The piñata didn’t stand a chance. Now get out to your local shops to grab Jaime’s Actions REALized board and show some love for a true pioneer in skateboarding

RS REYES ACTIONS REALIZED RELEASE IMAGES METASHARE 2000Jaime teamed up with Skate Like a Girl for her Actions REALized board to help fund mental health needs for their fellow skaters. Nominate yourself or a friend here!
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