Illegal Civ's "GODSPEED" Drive-In Premiere Photos

You may or may not have noticed, but the global pandemic hasn’t seemed to slow down much. And surprisingly enough, neither has the flow of new skate videos. To cope with our weird reality, drive-in premieres are basically the only viable option to showcase the hard work skaters have put into the streets. So in accordance with LA's strict COVID orders, about 30 vehicles gathered in the back parking lot of the Hollywood Legion Theater for a one-of-one showing of Illegal Civ and Davonte Jolly’s newest video GODSPEED. Check the photos to see who got to experience that big-screen energy in person. —Alex Papke

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 6Stepping in, all precautions are taken to keep people safe at the concession stand. Would anyone wear Thrasher face shields if we made them?

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 1First ones out of the car, Gary and Zach get the blood flowing with a strange, hoopless game of one-on-one 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 2Even withouth the basket, my money’s on Gary’s defense 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 3Game off to let this year's car wash veteran through. Ever since Bust or Bail, it’s been nonstop for Midler

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 4Even with masks on, security wasn’t feeling the fake basketball game. I don’t think they knew what they were getting into with the skate crowd. Strike one, and it's back to the cars for everyone

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 5If you got leather seats it’s all good, right, Aramis?

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 7Seein' red in the IC gear after security shut him down, Gary grabs the best seat in the house 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 8Added bonus of drive-in blogs? Another exclusive look at the cars of the stars! The night's curtain closer Alex Midler comes through with the blacked-out Audi, courtesy of that Red Bull money

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 9Ground control helps Ish keep the door dings to a minimum. This is luxury car liability, after all

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 10The evening's big man on campus Davonte Jolly pulling up in something special...

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 11...A Porsche at the premiere?! Damn, this is Hollywood. Maybe the days of skaters packin' into a Civic like a clown car are done

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 12Everyone should be giving this man love for his contribution 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 13A well-hydrated Big Boy Foy patiently awaits Midler's rail hammers

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 14No car can contain the force that is Kevin Bradley

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 15Rosé in the Prius? Kevin White always keeps it classy 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 16After another tangle with security and a clean second strike, it's back to the whip for Ish. Pretty light punishment considering he's probably got seat warmers and a private chef in that Audi

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 17Is jattic allowed at the Hollywood Legion? Shit, don’t ask security, ask Christian Henry 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 18Small dude, big cooler. Our resident Instagrammer extraordinaire Lui Elliott brings in bevs for the squad, while Shay gives the muscles a night off

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 19Tough crowd. Security wasn’t feeling Austin Leleu, Tyson Peterson or Pedro Delfino one bit. After a half-hour stint at the door, the guards finally let me squeeze them into my car

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 20Basically the drive-in MVP, Ishod pulls up to his second premiere in a month, wings out 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 21And in the back we got Real’s most valuable mustache, Gage Boyle partnered up with Nikolai Piombo 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 22The EMB legend at the Hollywood Legion! Wherever Karl's goin', the love's flowin'

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 23If you haven’t seen the trailer for Mikey’s new movie North Hollywood, save some time and click here to see which of your favorite skaters are going to be hitting the big screen

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 24Ample leg room or a twelver of Modelo? Dominick Walker stretches out the carthritis after a hard decision

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 25Midler's ride was good on the inside, but even better on the top. That is, until security shut that down, too 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 26Okay, so the clown-car days in the Civic might still be with us, but mostly just for the lowly photographers and their unlucky friends. Tyson and Pedro let out some steam just before the feature 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 27Everyone, places! Gray, you’re not gonna be able to see the vid like that. Solid choice in mask, though! 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 28The moment we’ve all been waiting for—experienced from the luxurious, fabric seating of a stock Civic  

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 29This would usually be a photo of everyone cheering on Midler's last trick, so just imagine these cars are absolutely losing their shit 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 30In the end, the hard work always pays off, especially for Sean Imes and Kevin White. Respect that jacket game, too 

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 31Ish was feeling it, security was not. We knew it was gonna happen—the third and final strike!  

GOODSPEEDPREMIER photoPAPKE 32Alright, last hug for the night before they call the cops. Gettin' kicked out is normal for us, after all. Support all of the homies and treat yourself by watching GODSPEED, playing today on the good ol' Thanks to Jolly, Mikey and everyone with Illegal Civ for having us out on this one. We'll see you when the next theater lets us in. Stay safe out there and happy holidays.