Hardies X Supreme's "12th and A" Jam Photos

Supreme and Hardies came together to bring back the legendary New York City skate spot 12th and A for a day. To help get things off the ground, they brought new boxes, ramps and flatbars for everyone to enjoy. Tyshawn-affiliated events always end up with good times. This weekend was no exception as we were treated to a top-tier blend of New York OGs, locals, homies, DJs and food trucks along with a product toss. Oh yeah, they also got Who Kid in the dunk tank.TJ, Karim, Lui and crew wowed the crowd with an insane high-hoppin' demo. See how they got the NYC summer started right.

Harold Hunter Foundation is for the kids 10093Starting off, the Harold Hunter Foundation give the kids some free tips on prop building

Real NYC OG skateboarder Bruno Musso 10144First face, we got New York OG Bruno Musso

Sway days Leo and Cathy 10137Sway days, Leo and Cathy 

Marshell on the ones and twos 11059Marshell on the ones and twos, lettin' the block know we're here

Supreme family Pang and Will 11063Supreme family Pang and Will

These two are great at taking photos Ben Colen and Zander Taketomo 10212Good photos? These two make 'em! Ben Colen and Zander Taketomo

The best food Taste So Good makes me wanna smack 10215The best food! Taste So Good brought the Shmackwich

Always keeping it HG Troy Marcos Ryan and Nolan 10227Always reppin' HG, Troy, Markos, Ryan and Nolan

TNT is dynamite Troy and Todd 10253TNT! Troy and Todd

Solid friends Johnny Nik and Dom 11911Thick as thieves, Johnny, Nik and Dom 

Ben Liz and the cutest pup Potato 11926Liz, Ben and the cutest pup named Potato

Ogs Claravall Marc Blair and Lee 11383More OGs! Claravall, Mark, Blair and Lee

Master lens men Johnny and Billy 10497They've spent more time in the bike lane than anyone, Johnny and Billy

KB with the fastball 10591Over at the game section, KB comes in with the fastball

Tyshawn throwin that heat 10612You know Tyshawn has a cannon

WhoKid deep in the dunk tank 10348And Who Kid takes a dive

Dunk tank popped off 10800 1The dunk tank popped off

Marcos using that Greek strength fr dayzzzz 10172 1What about feats of strength?! Markos gives it a go

Caleb broke all the records 12217Then Caleb broke all the records

Great crew Nik Troy and Nico 10830Great crew: Nik, Troy and Nico

Peace Peace Caleb and Genny 12125Caleb and Genny sendin' peace

Yooooooo Who Kid and Tyshawn 12265Who Kid and Tyshawn opt for the horns

You know Tyshawn Mom and Cousin had to pull up 11016 1Mom and Cousin came out to support their boy

Tyshawn making that wheat paste very valuable 10880That wheatpaste is gonna go nuts on eBay

Two of the best Kun and Johnny 10203Clockin' in at the stack factory

Joel on the bullhorn getting the crowd hyped 10186Joel's already getting the crowd hyped

Karim gapping the wall ride frontside 10452Over on the ramps, Karim clears the gap frontside

Pretty Lui pretty backsmith 10518 1Pretty Lui's got ups. Back Smith on the big box

Karim and Lui hug it out 10466Hug it out

Karim big melon 11477Karim, melon to flat

Karim big frontside flip to flat 11144Then he goes big with a frontside flip

Troy big gap 5050 11147Troy skips over to 50-50

Tyshawn getting ready to rip 10869 1Tyshawn getting ready to rip

Tyshawn and Zach eyeing up the course. 10890 1Eyeing up the course

The classic panoramicThe classic panoramic

You know Tyshawn was gonna ollie it long ways 10989You knew he was gonna ollie it longways

Tyshawn tre flip to flat for big crowd 11353Crowd-pleaser tré flip to flat

Tyshawn got blunted all types of ways 11056 1After goin' up Pyramid Ledges, this was light

Tyshawn with HG gang 11080"I'm gonna need more wax"

Tyshawn with picture perfect back noseblunt 11120You remember Bay Blocks? Tyshawn goes back noseblunt on his SOTY shit

The HG General fr dayzzzz 11866 1The General

The winners of the box challenge 10977After the demo, they gave some shine to the winners of the box challenge

I love product toss photos 12104I love product toss photos

Fun day for the kids 12289 1Fun day for the kids

Tyshawn all smiles after a good day 12339 1And let's go home with this million-dollar smile. Thanks, Tyshawn, for always putting on a good event for your city. Everyone, go grab some of that gear and support our guy
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