Girls Combi Pool Classic Photos

The Girls Combi Pool Classic is back for it’s seventh year and the contest keeps getting better: bigger airs, longer grinds, more girls and, thanks to Vans, the biggest prize purse in women’s skateboarding ever! With a combined purse close to $70,000 and a whopping 28Gs for first in the pro division, some of these girls were gonna come up on some loot! Even the amateur divisions got to split up a couple thousand dollars for the winners. Go get 'em girls! —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxArrived early on a rainy Saturday to a larger-than-life Lizzie Armanto on the wall

02 750pxEnter through the gift shop

03 750pxThe seats were already starting to fill up at 9am and the 14-and-under practice had only just begun

04 750pxThe 14-and-under girls on deck

05 750pxKaren Muto, all the way from Japan, high-speed crail in the square

07 750pxBack again! Jordan Santana crushing a Smith grind in the round. She made it to the podium and scored a second-place finish

08 750pxRuby Trew is only nine years old and she made it all the way from Manly, Australia, to float some ollies in the round

09 750pxThen she took a heavy slam. but Dad was there to help carry her out

10 750pxThese little girls are tough and Ruby got right back up to finish her run with this front rock on the hip which put her in a solid third place

11 750pxSome encouraging words from Dad (aka the Boss) can always help calm the contest jitters

12 750px“Okay, you got this”

13 750pxStella Reynolds had two completely different runs and she nailed them both, ending the second one with this stylish lipslide through the shallow. Carcass crew!

14 750pxBella Kenworthy, little freight-train 50-50 in the round…

15 750px…and a front feeble in the shallow corner secured a first place finish for Bella

16 750pxTop three in 14 and under: 3rd Ruby Trew, 2nd Jordan Santana, and in 1st, Bella Kenworthy

17 750pxTime for a little lunch break and, as always, the grillmaster Steve Van Doren is cookin' up the burgs

18 750pxKaren Muto refuels after skating in the 14-and-under division

19 750px15 and over means higher airs and longer grinds. Kihana Ogawa takes to the skies in the square, flying for team Hosoi

20 750pxIs Thrasher lensman Dan Stolling more nervous about Brighton Zeuner dropping his camera or coming for his job?

21 750pxSouth Carolina's Audrey Indigo, frontside 50-50 in the shallow

22 750pxWhat’s up with that griptape? “Fuck the dumbshit”

23 750pxOnly enjoi could have foreseen that a My Little Pony graphic would be a hot seller

24 750pxGabrielle Brownfield from Novelty, Ohio, (representing Butthole Ditch) inverts her way to 3rd place in the 15-and-over division

25 750pxMichelle Yoon, classic high-speed 5-0 into 2nd place in the 15 and over

26 750pxLast year’s champ Dora Varella returns for another top-spot finish with solid runs and a variety of tricks, including this feeble to forward in the round

27 750pxHere’s your 15-and-over top three: Gabrielle Brownfield 3rd, Michelle Yoon 2nd and returning champ Dora Varella in 1st.

28 750pxBy two o’clock the place was packed!

29 750pxChristian Hosoi is always down to high five a fan

30 750pxThe pros have arrived

31 750pxThe legendary Jesse Martinez says, “Let’s do this”

32 750px2011 Girls Combi Pool champion Allysha Le, classic lien air in the square

33 750pxSarah Thompson always brings the cheer

34 750pxJulz Lynn surprised everyone with this layback roll-out, roll-in

35 750pxAllysha, tailgrab nosegrind in the square

36 750px14-year-old Bryce Wettstein, feeble in the round

37 750pxLea Taylor finished her run in the semis and said “Whew, at least I’m done for the day.” Not so fast—you made it to the finals! Hands-behind-the-back 5-0, straight into 10th place

38 750pxMinna Stess competed in 14 and under last year and got 2nd. This year she said, “Fuck Em!” and entered the pro division. She put down the only flip trick of the contest with this kickflip to rock fakie and landed in 9th place, $1700 richer

39 750pxFourteen-year-old Grace Marhoefer, proper egg in the square into 8th place

40 750pxArianna Carmona was charging feebles to forward in the round

41 750pxObviously a Sarah Thompson favorite

42 750pxThese stylish lipslides sealed the deal for Arianna and a 7th place finish

43 750pxLast year she entered 14 and under and did the switch blunt on the hip. This year she entered the pro division and brought it to the deeper round bowl. Sakura Yosozumi, 6th place

44 750px2016 Girls Combi Pool champion Poppy Starr Olsen was back again and boosting some of the biggest airs of the weekend—mute air in the square

45 750pxInvert for good measure

46 750pxFinishing her run with a fastplant in the square and landing in 5th place overall

47 750pxTwo-thousand-ten Girls Combi Champion Lizzie Armanto and her cute pad bag

48 750pxLizzie is always a top finisher with a huge bag of tricks and the ability to do them most anywhere in the Combi. Her runs were always varied and full of surprises like this frontside air over the hip into the square

50 750pxExtended invert in the round and a solid 5th place

51 750pxBrighton Zeuner always brings some color coordination to these events—starting off looking like a bumblebee

52 750pxThe top-three spots were neck and neck this year. Brighton, back d on the hip—black and yellow

53 750pxWhen it was time for the final runs it was all Kill Bill for young Zeuner

54 750pxThe place was packed with skateboarding legends from all eras. Here’s Steve Caballero, his son Caleb, Jordyn Barratt and one of the greatest to ever skate the Combi—Bucky Lasek

55 750pxJordyn was back to defend her title and utilized the entire pool with a strong bag of tricks like this boneless in the round

57 750pxWho’s that up in the balcony with the big ol' sign?

58 750pxIt’s Nora Vasconcellos, cheering for her new Hause-mate Nicole!

59 750pxNicole is well known for big air and this transfer into the round was no exception

60 750pxLien air in the square

61 750pxEverybody want’s some! Air to fakie, which was followed up by a half Cab then a Les twist

62 750pxFinishing it off with an Indy oop

63 750pxThe trophies for the pros were a little bigger than the am ones—and so were the checks!

64 750pxTop-five women’s pros: Lizzie Armanto 5th, Brighton Zeuner 3rd, Jordyn Barratt 2nd and in 1st place, Nicole Hause, along with the 5th-place finisher Poppy Starr Olsen

65 750pxNora came prepared with a bottle of bubbly

66 750pxDrink up; you earned it!

67 750pxCheers, girls! Thanks to all of you who skated your hardest and an extra special thanks to Vans for always supporting women’s skateboarding and all of skateboarding to the fullest. See you next year!
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