Foundation's "Souvenir" Premiere Photos

Keeping the premiere season going, KOTR alumni Foundation skateboards debuted their newest offering Souvenir to the public Thursday evening at the RVCA headquarters in Costa Mesa. Locals from all over Southern California made their way out to see what the F team has been cooking up for the last year. With newly turned pro Corey Glick having a part along with Foundation vet Dakota Servold and new dudes John Clemmons and Cotie Robinson, it was hard not to roll out—not to mention the fact that Black Plague Brewing was providing beverages for the evening. Add to it a ramp jam out back and you have the perfect formula for a guaranteed good time. –Alex Papke

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 1 750pxCole Wilson getting things started on the way to the premiere

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 2 750pxGabriel Summers and Niels Bennett, a backseat Am Scramble

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 3 750pxDesignated driver and NHS griptape slinger Gavin Denike took over van duties for the evening

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 4 750pxQuickly followed by Thrasher masterlensman, Rhino

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 5 750pxThe brain trust discussing if Stolling looks better with or without a bandana. If you watched KOTR, you know the answer

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 6 750pxNew guy, John Clemmons. If you don’t know about John before watching this video, you’re in for a treat

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 7 750pxThe skate session out back was heating up

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 8 750pxTyler Mumma, laid back on a back Smith

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 9 750pxHopefully Grant Hatfield didn’t miss that one

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 10 750pxDavid Reyes making this 360 flip look easy for the onlookers

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 11 750pxEl Toro’s newest alumni, Nick Merlino, spotted on the course

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 12 750pxNick Gar and Cam, arm in arm

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 13 750px“I’ll have what he’s rolling”

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 14 750pxJeremy Leabres, Tim Aguilar and Nolan Miskell

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 15 750pxLeo and Braxton Powers getting a bit cheeky before heading inside

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 16 750pxWilson family photo featuring television star Walter the dog

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 17 750pxRhino and Collin were stoked to see what Dakota’s been holding out on us

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 18 750pxTim came packed with the Devil’s Lettuce pouch. First come, first served

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 19 750pxFree beer never lasts—only took about 20 minutes this time

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 20 750pxNo worries, we had some in the van

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 21 750pxJosh Borden grins while Tin weighs his options on which slice to eat first

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 22 750pxThe star of the night, Mr. Corey Glick

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 23 750pxThe Glicks came out from Chicago!

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 24 750pxVans man Tin Tran with Foundation’s own Joey Ragali

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 25 750pxSinner and Zero TM Kurt Hodge catching up on the latest bandana trends

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 26 750pxA little help from a friend goes a long way

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 27 750pxLast-minute arrivals. I really hope this middle-finger-at-the-camera trend dies out soon

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 28 750pxPacked house! No wonder the beer was gone so fast

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 29 750pxYou’ll have this look on your face, too, when you see Corey’s last trick.

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 30 750pxDon Luong, the man who made it all possible. As always, good work!

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 31 750pxDan-Lu was up in arms about the whole thing

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 32 750pxThe crowd made their way outside

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 33 750pxWelcome boys Daniel Vargas and Dakota Hunt could barely hold in their excitement

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 34 750pxPost-shotgun’d Frankie Villani giving a much deserved congrats to Glick

SOUVENIR photoPAPKE 35 750pxHugs all around. If you missed the premiere at RVCA, don’t be too bummed—parts from the video start airing today on this very site. Cheers to Souvenir!