Elijah Berle's "Hell of a Year 2020" Photos

ElijahBerle Header 1Photo: Atiba

Elijah Berle is a natural.
That’s not to say he’s some kind of trick machine or contest automaton or flawless skateboarding magician. Not that kind of natural. Rather his approach to riding the stuntwood is closer to what skateboarding would be like if there weren’t any cameras, no thought of ABDs, worries about deadlines or Nine Clubs. He truly is in it for the fun. When Berle’s on a good one, there’s no stopping him. When the vibes peak and the homies are ripping, he can’t help but get in there and bust, grinning ear to ear. And when he’s off it, when the ankles fold or the boards snap, he might take a couple weeks off to surf, get some sand between the toes and live. Fortunately for us, Eli’s chosen to fight against this natural state and force himself to battle for these tricks and videos. The process can sometimes be like watching a tiger forced into a cage, but the results...always stunning. Elijah Berle, natural-born skateboarder. —Michael Burnett

ElijahBerle BacksideHeelflip LisbonPortugal 2020 Acosta 02 DZGood ol’ pre-COVID Euro trip kicked it off big time. Backside flip, marble-wise      Photo: Acosta

ElijahRowanAtiba DZFin slap with Rozo    Photo: Atiba

ElijahSlappy5050to5050AtibaDouble rainbow?! But what does it mean???      Photo: Atiba

ElijahMadAtiba DZSeven-plies of flinging fury      Photo: Atiba

ElijahNosegrindAtiba DZHe got bigger nosegrinds this year, but this one’s awfully pretty      Photo: Atiba

Elijah Berle Nollie Flip 5050Berle-tech, stomped out nollieflip 50      Seq: Burnett

ELIJAH NOSEBLUNT PETERS DZWhen the world’s locked down, the spots open up. Premium NBS near Rodeo Dr.      Photo: Peters

Berle sacks BURNETTThe first trip for the grind ended like this       Photo: Burnett

Elijah Berle Thrasher 1220 CoverDecember 2020 cover. How sweet it is!      Photo: Burnett

Berle accent 5 BURNETTYer goddamn right…      Photo: Burnett

Elijah berle fakie 5 0 180 BURNETTUnlocking more West side spots. Fakie 5-0 180      Photo: Burnett

ElijahKickflipAtiba DZThat tunnel smells great. Tow-in at the Echo Park mini-Mega      Photo: Atiba

elijah berle fsa 9 20 BURNETTUp in the fronds at Raleigh’s pool. Thanks, Oz!      Photo: Burnett

elijah berle fs 180 fakie 5 0 BURNETTFrontside 180 fakie 5-0 into the shallows of Sacto      Photo: Burnett

Elijah nosegrind nollieflipTenth trip, last trick!      Seq: Burnett

Berle accent 2 BURNETTHella pumped!      Photo: Burnett

Berle accent1 BURNETTKnucks to the good fools      Photo: Burnett

Berle accent 4 BURNETT"I made it by THIS much …"      Photo: Burnett

Cody green and Berle BURNETTHell of a year, Berle! Big love!       Photo: Burnett
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