Didrik Galasso's "Deedz Deedz Deedz" Interview

SSB Deedz Larvik 030821 ZSB 7337 DZPhoto: Bjerkvik

At-home tattoos, skating into lakes and buying a pad back in Oslo, Deedz has the professional skate life down to a science. Longtime friend Pekka Løvås checks in with the tireless force to see how he jumps from project to project and what happened with a spoiled pro-board surprise—as seen in our November, ‘21 issue.

The fakie manuals, front blunts and handrail hammers in this new part require repeat viewings

What’s been going on in your life lately, Deedz?
Not much, really. We’re in Oslo at my apartment drinking coffee. We just went on a road trip yesterday to wrap up the photos for this article and to try to get some last-minute clips for the new part we have been working on.

Congrats on getting your own place in Oslo. How did that go down?
Well, I’ve been playing with the idea of getting my own place for years now. I’ve never had a place to settle down. I’ve been traveling so much that I just never had a time to look for my own place. Then COVID came and all of a sudden I was stuck in Norway. It just made more sense to live in Oslo—you’re here, most of my friends are here and the good spots are here. The good thing that COVID brought, though, was that the apartment prices went down, so I just went for it.

Thrasher Magazine Didrik Galasso Deedz 50-50 Fountain Jump Nydalen DZ Ollie to 50-50 to fountain flop, Deedz stays dripped     Photo: Bjerkvik

That is a lifestyle hammer, for sure—buying your own place at 25. What’s up with this video part you’re working on?
We pretty much just kept it going right after Føkk Dude was done. I think we got the first clip for this new part in October or November of 2020. And we pretty much just kept it going through the winter, just trying to get clips whenever the weather allowed us to.

Didrik Galasso Being chased out of parking garages gets old real quick
Looking back on it now, I don’t know what we were thinking. I’m surprised my camera made it through those freezing sessions alive.
Yeah, but since the indoor parks were closed we kinda had to. Being chased out of parking garages gets old real quick.

Deedz Manual Fakie Manual 750Below-freezing manual 180 to fakie manual, Deedz brings his own heat

How cold did it get? What were the coldest clips we got, you think?
I’m pretty sure it was -11 degrees Celsius, so like 12 degrees Fahrenheit. I checked the weather app after I did that manny 180 drop down fakie manny.

Yeah, that was a cold one. I looked at the timeline earlier today and I realized how many spots that you skate that no one else has skated, even though most of them are pretty much in the center of Oslo. How do you find all of these weird spots?
I usually just hop on my bike when I’m bored and go looking for spots, either on a rainy day or after a session if I still have some juice in me. Also, I feel like most of them are spots we’ve all seen before, where I just try to look at them in different ways or skate them in a way that they haven’t been skated before.

There’s some good water tricks in the part. How did the fascination with doing a trick and jumping into the water come about? Who’s your water inspiration?
It’s always nice if you’re at a spot where you know that if you make the trick you can just jump into the water—where the water is the ultimate goal. But I don’t know who inspired me. Maybe Mike Arnold? He loves the water clips. It was never the plan or anything, though. We just found a couple of good spots where there happens to be a pool of water after you ride away.

SSB Deedz FS Boardslide Malmoya 020821 ZSB 6920 DZ Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, watchin’ the front boards slide all day      Photo: Bjerkvik

Water clips are sick, though. Let’s talk about your tattoos. You have a bunch now. How and when did that fascination start?
I got my first one in Barcelona a couple of years ago—these boxing gloves on my ankle. My grandfather was an Olympic boxing medalist and most of my family in Brazil have that same tattoo. But yeah, I always knew I wanted to get tatted up, ever since I was a kid. But my mom is not a fan at all. She’s given up now, though.

Yeah, I think that ship has sailed, especially now that you’ve gotten your own tattoo kit!
Yeah, I’m trying to get into it. It’s super fun. I wanna get really good at it. It almost feels like trying a trick when I tattoo my homies. I get so focused, probably even more than I am while I’m trying a trick.

Deedz Back Tail Kicky Seq 750 Tats out on a back tail kickflip, sorry, mom!

How many tattoos have you done so far?
I’ve done three on myself and I think I’ve done seven on my friends.

Three on yourself already?! Didn’t you just get that thing?
Yeah, I think I got it like three weeks ago.
Deedz Kickflip Storo 060920 2979 2 DZ The grass may be fake but this kickflip is too legit     Photo: Bjerkvik

We have to talk about the kid that got the Deedz tattoo—the screen grab from your last part where you do the front blunt flip on the bench. How did you feel when you first saw that?
Oh shit. Yeah, I was kinda shocked when I saw that. It’s just crazy seeing yourself as a tattoo on someone’s stomach. It’s sick, though, I’ve talked to the guy and he seems stoked on it.

You have to give that guy a tattoo if he’s ever in town.
Yeah, for sure. If you read this, come to Oslo and I’ll hook you up!

Didrik Galasso I think my favorite pro skater was Rodrigo TX
Who was your favorite pro skater when you were younger?
I think my first favorite skater was Rodrigo TX. After that it was Louie and the whole enjoi team—everyone that was in Bag of Suck.

How did you get on enjoi?
I think Thaynan Costa hooked it up; he put in a good word. I first met the team on a trip to Budapest—that was the first time I
met Wieger, Ben and those guys. And I’ll always remember that Ben was the one who broke the news to me and told me I was on the team.
DEEDS fakie fs flip Downtown OSLO VDT L1004056 DZ
While security is on strike, Didrik pulls a bank heist—fakie flip over the channel     Photo: Truong

Sick. Do you have any good Louie Barletta stories?
The first one that pops into my head was the first time I stayed at his mansion in San Jose. I would skate his mini ramp every morning and I remember the UPS guy pulled up with loads of boxes. He started unpacking them and it turned out that they were all tiny pieces of a full-sized tank, like an actual WW2 tank. I think he worked on it every day for like three or four months, building it piece by piece—pretty crazy.

Who’s your best homie on the enjoi team?
Easy, that’d be Thaynan. My brother.
Deedz Front Board Fakie Manual Seq 750Front board to fakie manual, even Rodrigo would have a hard time with this
How long were you on before they turned you pro?
I think I was on flow for around two years, just getting boards and going on a few trips. Right after that Panda Patrol part came out they bumped me up to am status, and then two years later they turned me pro.

Was turning pro always the goal for you?
Yeah, kinda. And ever since I was a little kid my biggest dream was to get on enjoi. I would watch Bag of Suck so much when I was younger. But yeah, of course turning pro was always a dream, but I didn’t think too much about it.

DEEDS Ollie Gap Grind Ila OSLO VDT L1004348 DZ Leaf it to Deedz to find this line—ollie to 50-50 down the wheelchair ramp      Photo: Truong

Has your life changed at all since you turned pro?
It made it so that I could focus 100 percent on skating as well as the financial stability—I can pay my mortgage and eat whatever I want every day, which is all I really need.

Let’s talk about how you found out you were pro—how the surprise was spoiled.
I don’t think that story ever came out. So I was in Lisbon. You and Janno were also there and we all stayed at Thaynan’s place. My first board was in the catalog that enjoi sends out to the shops and it got leaked somehow. I remember we were all eating at this all-you-can-eat vegetarian place when I got a screen shot from a Brazilian homie asking me if I had seen it yet.

Yeah, and we all knew. We were just hoping that no one would spoil it. I remember Thaynan called Louie desperately trying to get him to get the catalog taken down. We did get to celebrate it, though, just not the way that I’m sure Louie intended it to be.
Yeah, and I also got my surprise party in Taiwan a few weeks later—and I was genuinely surprised. And then you came like two days later.

That was a good trip. I remember you called me saying, “The guys are leaving in two days. There’s so many good spots here, so I can’t leave yet. Would you be down to fly to Taiwan tomorrow if I get someone to cover your flight?”
Yeah, and then you actually came! You even met the team as they were flying home. I think everyone was pretty shocked by the fact that it actually ended up working out. Props to Colin Kennedy at Nike for that one.

Deedz Front Blunt Kickflip Seq 750 Rarely seen to forward on a rail, Deedz puts down a beautiful front blunt kickflip

Simpler times—when you could just hop on a plane and go somewhere. How has it been for you, being stuck in Norway for a year and a half? You were traveling so much before COVID, probably like two thirds of the year at one point.
It’s definitely been a little weird. I was traveling a lot because I wanted to see the world, but also because I never really had a solid base back in Norway. Staying at home with my parents was fine, but I need some space or some time to myself every once in a while. But yeah, staying in Oslo for the last year and a half has really opened my eyes to just how much I love the city. I pretty much have everything I need here and there’s always new spots to be discovered.

And Oslo footage always looks better than everything else.
Yeah, pretty much.

Where’s the first place you want to go after all this shit is over?
Probably Lisbon or Gran Canaria. I would just stay in Europe for a bit. There’s so many spots all around Europe that no one knows about.

Didrik Galasso In my opinion, Europe just looks sicker than anything else
There’s a lot of focus on European skating these days. Why do you think that is?
First and foremost, I think it’s because of how the spots look. In my opinion, Europe just looks sicker than anything else. You get tired of seeing the same LA spots over and over. The pavement in the US is the same as the skateparks over here.

Have you ever thought about this: of the five current Norwegian pros, two of them have Brazilian parents—you and Heitor. Why do you think that is?
It’s probably the best genes to have. I wish I had some more. I didn’t get the pop genes.

You got the work ethic, though. I’ve filmed with a lot of people over the years and you are by far the most productive.
Yeah, I don’t know. I just have to skate. It’s been like that since the time I started skating. I have too much energy to just sit around. And as corny as it sounds, it is my job at the end of the day and I want to do my job well.

SSB Deedz Lipslide GSF 300721 ZSB 6738 DZ 2Lipslide between the slime pits. You can take the boy outta the streets…     Photo: Bjerkvik

You stopped skating with rails under your board. Why did you make that decision? You were pretty stoked on those things for a lot of years.
I’m not even sure that the guys at enjoi know that I’ve stopped skating with them. I don’t think they do. They still send me a ton of them every time I get boards. I skated without rails one day and I did a nollie flip over the trash can at Rådhuset—Oslo Town Hall—and that’s when I realized that they had to go. I also got tired of screwing them on every time I set up a new board. I still use them on my cruiser, though. It’s always fun to boardslide with rails on.

Didrik Galasso It’s kinda fun to feel uncomfortable on your board every now and then
And that sound they make when they get shaken loose—I don’t miss that sound at all. Do you still ride shaped boards?
I still ride the shape that me and Eric at Dwindle designed, but lately I’ve been riding all kinds of shapes and widths, just trying everything out and seeing what works. It’s kinda fun to feel uncomfortable on your board every now and then.

What is the most asked question from kids in your DMs or comments?
I think it has to be either what board size I ride or which wheel size I ride.

Or what kind of pants you’re wearing. Kids are obsessed with your pants. Why do you think everyone is so obsessed with pants these days?
It’s important to have some good-looking pants. I think everyone just wants to find the perfect pair of pants—the perfect shape and material. I feel like if the shape and material is good, it can look good in pretty much any color.

Deedz Bluntslide Bislett 060421 5877 DZ What’s not to lichen about this front blunt to fakie?     Photo: Bjerkvik

You’ve got quite the following on Instagram. How serious do you take that stuff?
I don’t really take it all that serious, but I think it’s fun to post tricks that I’m stoked on—either tricks that are too weird to go in a part or just tricks I know that I will probably only do that one time. And we’re pretty much always starting the day off at a skatepark, so I might as well try to get a clip while we’re there.

Who loves avocados more, you or Yaje Popson?
That’s a tough one. I think we love them equally as much. The first time I met Yaje was in Long Beach a couple of years ago when he was staying with the Lutheran brothers and we instantly clicked. We just ate a bunch of avocados and cooked together. It was sick!

Well, that’s all I got. Thanks for the talk, Deedz. Wanna close this out with some advice for the kids?
Just skate and have fun. Hang in there for long enough and things will start happening.

Deedz boardslide Nasjonalmuseet 020621 DZNow that you've seen the insanity of his new part, please just enjoi this bodacious boardslide. Deedz is dope!     Photo: Bjerkvik