Deathwish's "Uncrossed" Drive-In Premiere Photos

Considering all the lockdowns and restrictions nationwide, it’s pretty impressive how many heavy-hitting videos we’ve witnessed this year. Deathwish, however, stepped it up and gave us not just a new full-length video, but also an actual premiere! Obviously, it wasn't gonna be the usual pre-pandemic theater situation. So a stacked caravan of A-listers and homies cruised to Torrance's Roadium drive-in this past Friday for a late-night showing of Uncrossed. Scroll through to see the park-and-ride of a lifetime. —Alex Papke

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 1The first thing you see rolling up. Man, it's been too long since we've seen a title on the marquee 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 2Traffic director J Bone makes sure everyone finds their spot

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 3This will be a rare glimpse into the cars of the stars. Carlos Ribeiro rides up in a vehicle as tech as he is. Check that door sensor!

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 4Even with masks, there are familiar faces all around. Element's own Dominick Walker and Andrew Nguyen with masterlensman Don Luong stuntin' in his sedan 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 5Taking a night off from filming enders, Joeface and Ryan Lee make their reservations

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 6Curren’s glued to his phone; Logan’s glued to the popcorn, and Louie looks just as good as that new Cons part he dropped 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 7With masks on from afar I'd guess this one is Breana Geering kicking it with Brandon Westgate, Sean Malto and John Marello. Did I get any of those right? No? Ah shit, that's Ginger, Mason and Tin 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 8Don’t worry, guys, Tuan’s here!

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 9Tim Aguilar, one of the night's many designated drivers. Who needs Uber XL? 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 10The Primitive squad brought their branded-mask game

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 11A rare and exciting Rick and Smyth sighting

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 12Down the hatch for Chris Varcadipane, Tim Cisilino and the homie with impeccable beanie taste 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 13I can't tell if J-Lay's happy to have his picture taken by this Audi-lookin' thing, but let's assume he's smiling

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 14All of the Altons in one photo! Another kid and that Ram's gettin' traded for a minivan

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 15A wild Rhino sighting. You know somethin' nuts is goin' down if he's around

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 16SD van packed to the brim with some heavy hitters. Smoookes, Henry Gartland, Mathias Torres, Toby Ryan and Tyler Wilcox. Look close and you'll see the Old Man still watchin' 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 17Paco and JT were getting impatient waiting for the vid to get going, but it can't start till we see all the dope-ass rides!

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 18The Sundial slayer Zane Timpson is a man of class and taste. Just look at that luxurious woodgrain steering wheel 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 19Ryan Townley and Andrew Peters live on the edge, and I'm not just talking about that two-door speed machine behind 'em. Keep your eyes peeled for the next issue

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 20Carne fries, tailgate down and plenty of blankets, Amanda and Paula do the drive-in thing proper 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 21You can tell the Birdhouse team's van apart from the others by the viewing deck

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 22Quincy, Gage and Mia got concessions for days

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 23Water bros K-Walks and Matt B wanna have their wits about them when they watch pure gnar

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 24You already know the Florida squad had to come out for Jamie and Pedro. Should we tell 'em they missed the bumper with their sticker job?

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 26This one couldn't be done without Rye or Kaylanne. Seen here squaded up with Brit Gray, Matt Pierre and Josh Douglas 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 27The Valley boys came all the way down to Torrance. Nikolai Piombo, Zion Wright and Kevin White 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 28Clint Beswick’s beard makes him pretty easy to identify, mask or not. Bobby Bils on the other hand needs some work 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 29“Hold up, I’m switching glasses for this one”

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 30Much better. Victoria and Rye add the attitude before the film rolls

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 31Finally, the moment we've been waiting for!

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 32And Flynn's got the best seat in the house

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 33Scratch that, Sinclair does

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 34If it holds Ishod’s attention this well, you better believe it's a banger

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 35Even though he edited the whole damn thing, Rye still has to record every second 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 36After the curtain closed, Kirby couldn't contain his excitement

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 37Man down! Once you see that Pedro part, you’ll know

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 38Take your fuckin' hats off for these guys. Two of the heaviest parts of 2020! 

DEATHWISHPREMIER photoPAPKE 39A mother’s touch goes a long way. Thank you, Raegan, for giving us Rye! And a big thank you to everyone involved at Deathwish that made this happen. With all the shit going on in the world, we needed a bit of stoked and celebration. If you haven’t watched Uncrossed yet, change that now!
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