Das Days São Paulo

This August, we landed in Brazil for a couple weeks of skating alongside the events of Das Days São Paulo. We had our hands full with a mix of art shows, live music, demos, signings and Brazilian meat buffets. The crew was Rodrigo Teixeira, Felipe Gustavo, Klaus Bohms, Wacson Mass, Heitor Da Silva, Dennis Busenitz, Lucas Puig, Diego Nájera, Jenn Soto, Alec Majerus, Magnus Bordewick and the adidas Latin American team.

adidas das days photo1 750pxStarting the trip off right with some confectionary treats and açaí bowls

adidas das days photo2 750pxLots of lines to be had at this spot. Wacson begins with a proper backside 180 nosegrind
adidas das days photo3 750px


adidas das days photo4 750px“Pass the Theragun.” Will this be the most common trip accessory of 2018?

adidas das days photo5 750pxHeitor making his rounds

adidas das days photo6 750pxWhat better place to eat McDonalds than under a bridge? Magnus lovin’ it at the rainy-day spot

adidas das days photo7 750pxHeitor lovin’ it too, with the Superstar sauce pallet

adidas das days photo8 750pxTwo-by-four warm-up for Alec

adidas das days photo9 750pxAlec, backside noseblunt to fakie

adidas das days photo10 750pxDennis with a pre-signing power stance at the first night of Das Days. We know; that’s an oxymoron

adidas das days photo11 750px

adidas das days photo12 750pxThe driver wasn’t ready for the Sigilo afterparty
adidas das days photo13 750pxPresidente entering the demo

adidas das days photo14 750pxA Rodrigo backside flip never gets old

adidas das days photo15 750pxHeitor, kickflip to fakie

adidas das days photo16 750pxDiego, frontside 360

adidas das days photo17 750pxMulhern and Diego keeping it classic—can’t go wrong with some 16 and 35mm

adidas das days photo18 750pxFellow photographer, Heverton Ribeiro, copping the angles as well

adidas das days photo19 750pxRodrigo’s checked a lot of boxes on this ledge

adidas das days photo20 750px180 nosegrind revert for the count

adidas das days photo21 750pxHeitor, back tail for the bird

adidas das days photo22 750pxFelipe approved—Das-Cash on the front 360!

adidas das days photo23 750px
adidas das days photo24 750px“Showcase X,” exhibiting local artists of São Paulo

adidas das days photo25 750px
adidas das days photo26 750pxSanté, Cheers, Saúde, Skål!

adidas das days photo27 750pxDJ NUTS spun at the packed-out block party on Av. Paulista

adidas das days photo28 750pxA few people showed up…

adidas das days photo29 750pxEverybody got down to Curumin

adidas das days photo30 750px
adidas das days photo31 750pxEspecially Klaus, arms up and stoked on the bottom left!

adidas das days photo32 750pxAfter a quick kick out at this spot, we snuck in a productive “dez minutos” before Magnus’ DJ set. Heelflip with clearance

adidas das days photo33 750pxThe anticipated DJ Bordewick in the house for the Number’s party!

adidas das days photo34 750px
adidas das days photo35 750pxTwo are security; two are drivers. Guess who’s who

adidas das days photo36 750pxHeitor worked on his Brazilian-rooted footwork

adidas das days photo37 750pxDefinitely ready for an athlete trading card

adidas das days photo38 750pxBall is life

adidas das days photo39 750pxNext stop, Tokyo 2020!

adidas das days photo40 750pxA quick recharge at the last demo of the trip, after many long days and late nights

adidas das days photo41 750pxThe girls’ session keeping it moving

adidas das days photo42 750pxJenn frontside flips for the media

adidas das days photo43 750pxHeitor somehow navigated through the crowd for this backside flip

adidas das days photo44 750pxShould have added another can for Alec’s hardflip!

adidas das days photo45 750pxAnother day, another buffet. Post-demo veggie plate for Jenn. Double or nothing

adidas das days photo46 750pxFelipe perfected this switch backside flip. Check it in the edit

adidas das days photo47 750px
adidas das days photo48 750pxMagnus brought his hammock from Oslo to São Paulo for a quick relax outside the courthouse—he ended up getting kicked out of the tree. There’s a first time for everything

adidas das days photo49 750pxDIY alarm system for your board at a skate event

adidas das days photo50 750pxThe adidas Latin American team at their premiere of Daedalus

adidas das days photo51 750pxKlaus is always thinking differently—tailslide pop-over the can

adidas das days photo52 750px
adidas das days photo53 750pxGui Silva repped the motherland with this back lip

adidas das days photo54 750px
adidas das days photo55 Seq 750pxThis was crazy! Another one of Gui—bigspin back tail rewind

adidas das days photo56 750pxAkira Shiroma, impossible

adidas das days photo57 750px

adidas das days photo58 750pxAnd that wraps our trip. Obrigado São Paulo for the good times!

adidas das days photo59 750pxPeace!

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