CONS at London's Design Museum

Recently in London, I found myself heading off to another skate event, however, this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill video premiere. It was held at the city’s prestigious Design Museum. Their latest exhibition is a companion to Jonathan Olivares' book Skateboard published by Phaidon, which spans from the 1950s to the present day, documenting the birth and evolution of the titular wooden toy. They covered everything from the first boards and videos right up to the modern day plank we all know and love—plus a few quirky, forgotten side quests in between. Along with the collection there was also a miniramp installed by Betongpark, which will stay in the museum and be skateable until June, a much needed relief spot for the London locals over winter. Converse sponsored the show and brought a selection of its team down to bask in the history and break in the ramp. —James Griffiths

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 1Louie Lopez kicking things off on the ramp, back Smith

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 2Raney Beres somehow found the speed to get to the top. Backside boneless

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 3Alexis Sablone was happy to spectate

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 5Louie was stoked

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 19Gavin, backside nosebluntslide for the crowd

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 6Calm before the storm

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 7Louie checking out the exhibition

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 8CONS team gets a look at Buddy's video for the show

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 16A couple of issues of Thrasher made an appearance

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 20Wunderkind Diggs English and his whole family in attendance

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 21Museum curators welcome everyone with a speech

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 23Not your average skate venue

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 24Helena Long, Mickey Patrick and Kevin Firth

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 25It got busy fast. Let's look at some of the artifacts

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 9Early graphics from Natas and the Gonzfather

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 11Hangers before the pinch was invented

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 12And the time before razor tail

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 13We've all heard the stories of steel wheels. Good to know they weren't just myths

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 14The history isn't complete without some riser pads

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 15We now return to the Classics

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 26Kevin Parrot and Flip's Ian Deacon shocked at those rails

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 27The man himself, Leo Sharp

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 28The crowds catch a glimpse of the ramp jam

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 29All walks of life were spotted enjoying the plank

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 30Nick Halkias linked up with Wes Morgan

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 31Dan Mathieson came through

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 34Tom Snape was stoked

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 35Cross-generation education from The Skateboard Hall of Fame's Todd Huber, who also helped put the show together

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 36Apparently this really got skated

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 39Todd confirms it

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 37Alexis and Raney taking it in

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 40The mechanics were still puzzling

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 38A sample of fisheyes through the ages

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 41Wes Morgan and Nick Sharratt of Palomino for sure nerded out

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 43Essential viewing

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 44Essential reading

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 45Dan Magee with his pride and joy

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 47 1UK photo lord Wig Worland made it over

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 49Josh Gislingham too

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 50Betongpark team and the fruits of its labor

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 51This event wouldn't be possible without the man of the hour, curator and designer Jonathan Olivares

DesignMuseumConsLaunchThrasherBlog 52And that’s a wrap! Off to the pub
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