By The Numbers: Nyjah’s "‘Til Death" Part

NIntroPhoto: Rhino  /  Illustrations by Michael Sieben

Nyjah Huston's "’Til Death" part is without a doubt one of the most insane straight-to-web video parts to debut in the past few years. But is it the best? With an endless supply of new parts and psychotic clips streaming to our phones and pads daily, we need to set up some serious standards for evaluating whether a Foy part with pedestrian BGPs is better than a Nyjah part with a baby witnessing a nollie 50-50 on a double kinker. Let’s crunch some numbers! —Ted Schmitz
ant lineNY1
NY3NY4NY5ant lineDo you question our "By The Numbers" accuracy?! Watch Nyjah's mind-melting part again and you can do the math.

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