Burnout: Uprising

The Vans Pro Tour mashes into Chi-Town with Chima, Dan Lu, K Walks, Dill and the boys thrilling the crowds at Grant Park.

20160715 0001Chima warms it up, pre-demo style. Foreshadowing dude.

20160716 0002Across from the shop.

20160716 0003Meet n Greet at Uprise with flow-sensations Glick and Justin Henry fleshing out the crew

20160716 0004

Got that famous Alva posse photo in there. Real nice.

20160715 0005When men were men … and Neuhaus

20160715 0006Legend party #1 - Stevie Dread, Ray Barbee and Jesse Neuhaus. Wow!

20160716 0007

Lovell gets in the mix, bevs deep

20160716 0008Stoop life

20160716 0009DL and our other new flow-loc Tyson Peterson

20160716 0010Barbee's melodic noodlings

20160716 0011Wall of Fame game: strong

20160716 0012Beer me

20160716 0013Rare thing these days, a solid neighborhood shop

20160715 0014Legends party #2 - Dill with the Nate Lyonses. Nice!

20160716 0015Next morning. Gear up in the valet line

20160716 0016Uh oh …

20160716 0017Guess that's official then. Congrats Kyle!

20160716 0018Tyson – not homesick

20160716 0019Justin, possible Pokeyman grab

20160716 0020In the van since '87

20160716 0021Perfect precursor: monster blocks.

20160716 0022OJ with a half cab board to boomerang. His friends know what I'm talking about

20160716 0023Part time shipper, full time ripper. Hart leads by example

20160716 0024Chima with some heavy kangaroo switch pop. You can imagine where it went from here …

20160716 0025Strug

20160716 0026But in the end, major victory, as is typically the case

20160716 0027$100 on offer for tail drop. Cody gives it a polite nah nah

20160716 0028Tyson, icin'

20160716 0029This thing …

20160716 0030Lots of maybes

20160716 0031We're gonna need a tool

20160716 0032Can't keep Lovell from some fake flip art tho

20160716 0033Tallest in the Midwest maybe? Still?

20160716 0034Finally, demo time

20160716 0035Sparking up for getting down

20160716 0036Yep, it's time

20160716 0037Heavy shralpage on the impact section. K Walks puts those new kicks in motion

20160716 0038Justin is from Colombus and is totally comfortable with the whole nosegrind family of tricks

20160716 0039Dill gets some of that #freeair

20160716 0040Oh yeah, the locals got some too

20160716 0041Team Manager in training, Matt B – still hungry for carnage

20160716 0042First try!

20160716 0043Glick!

20160716 0044'Wait … YOU rode for G&S trucks?'

20160716 0045Equipment failure

20160716 0046Someone got a spanner?

20160716 0047The ol' 180 nosegrind and around

20160716 0048B!

20160716 0049J Lay rolls with the road crew but can still bust the ol' switch Tré Lay at the drop of a hat

20160716 0050Switch 5-0. Playin with fire

20160716 0051Fakie 5-0!

20160716 0052Ray, easing into it. Catch him on the banks

20160716 0053The horizontal!

20160716 0054Dazzling!

20160716 0055Glick's back!

20160716 0056Dill works it out on some wonky tranny. Nice to see him in the mix

20160716 0057Classic form nollie flip

20160716 0058Quite a show

20160716 0059Let's see who made it out. These guys!

20160716 0060High Classers

20160716 0061Casual Males

20160716 0062The BMXed

20160716 0063Friendly birdsmen

20160716 0064Metalheads

20160716 0065New dads. Beautiful!

20160716 0066These kids were rad

20160716 0067Posse up!

20160716 0068Hell yeah it's time to celebrate

20160716 0069How to get girls

20160716 0070Whattup

20160716 0071Old friends from last time!

20160716 0072A person, just like you

20160716 0073Hockey and FA fans, everywhere

20160716 0074Action turned towards the down bar

20160716 0075Feeble casualness

20160716 0076Glick with hella pinch

20160716 0077Dan Lu fields KOTR questions all day

20160716 0078Gathering 'round for the best trick

20160716 0079Video projects at every step

20160716 0080Nice crowd

20160716 0081Lil' face time, no big deal

20160716 0082Look at the size of that sticker!

20160716 0083Locals only on the pyramid rail

20160716 0084They were making a rap video

20160716 0085Gotta Google it I guess

20160716 0086One more look at this progressive outfit

20160716 0087KWalks on long!

20160716 0088Tyson had it too

20160716 0089Cody Green, feeble aggression!

20160716 0090'Yeah, Eric Sanderson … he was cool too'

20160716 0091Groundbreaking Christy 50! KOTR 2016???

20160716 0092Off the hip style!

20160716 00935-0 180

20160716 0094A legends' gaze

20160716 0095My dream as a teenager

20160716 0096Yep

20160716 0097And then the closer … heck of a show. You shoulda seen how hard the locals ripped too!

20160716 0098Can you believe how far we've come?

20160716 0099Not even!