Burnout: Roll for Rob 3

Friends of New England skater Rob Pontes held a massive skate jam/ benefit in Providence, RI sunday to raise cash for his fight with ALS.  

Contribute here.

20160724 0001'What in the hell …'

20160724 0002Classic jam format in what I believe is the town ice skating rink

20160724 0003Packed to the gills

20160724 0004J Lay, holding it down for the Vans road crew

20160724 0005Loosening it up, QP style

20160724 0006It was a sea of radical. You had to keep moving or get run over

20160724 0007All I Need's Anthony Shetler helps direct via bullhorn

20160724 0008Planning out lines

20160724 0009It was about 95 degrees, but that didn't keep the kids away

20160724 0010Real hot

20160724 0011Like, bring-a-sunhat hot

20160724 0012Techy one-hitter shit

20160724 0013Or flip it mega-Muska!

20160724 0014Being the East Coast, of course they had a hydrant!

20160724 0015Perfect to flex your Polar over

20160724 0016Vans built a multi-faceted hubba/whiplash obstacle in the shape of a shoe. Heavy best-trick!

20160724 0017Tex 'em if you got 'em

20160724 0018Big float, skinny boat

20160724 0019San Pedro's Robbie Russo, melon muscle

20160724 0020Frontal bluntal??!

20160724 0021Smooth-as back smith

20160724 0022Followed by the wall-bash stale. This dude ripped

20160724 0023Not that this thing wasn't dangerous

20160724 0024Get up before the ground cooks you!

20160724 0025Shredmaster hits it hubba wise

20160724 0026Doubles and even triples spontaneously erupted

20160724 0027Comin' through!

20160724 0028And then this dude shut it down with the kickflip over the ramp to wallride! I know, right?!

20160724 0029Group photo time

20160724 0030Hard to wrangle this many well wishers

20160724 0031Shetler as Scorcese

20160724 0032Couldn't fit them all in one frame!

20160724 0033An amazing turn out for a friend

20160724 0034Such incredible vibes

20160724 0035
20160724 0036

20160724 0037
20160724 0038Alright, let's skate!

20160724 0039Barley readies his keg-jumping discipline

20160724 0040Keepin' it cool in the shade: the babes

20160724 0041these dudes

20160724 0042old friends

20160724 0043the broke off

20160724 0044mid-day tokers

20160724 0045and, of course, the punkers

20160724 0046Whoah, even Svitak and Long Beach's Mark Nizbet!

20160724 0047Watch out y'all. The launch ramping is about to start

20160724 0048Yep, the classic raddy to flatty. Starting off with the wicked twister!

20160724 0049But this was to be no novice event. New Jeresye's Mike V joins the fray with the boneless T

20160724 0050Followed by a Texas plant to make Craig Johnson brush his hair!

20160724 0051And then the backflip dude!!!

20160724 0052Hard not to

20160724 0053Air wars

20160724 0054Hard to defeat Japan in a good air war

20160724 0055But even the legends crashland occasionally

20160724 0056Run up Todd twist to drop off the back. Almost got landed on

20160724 0057But the locals would not be daunted. Classic BK blaster

20160724 0058the 'Hana

20160724 0059Heavy beef

20160724 0060The elusive sack bash!

20160724 0061Backside boneless drop down

20160724 0062Couldn't figure out if his outfit was fashionably progressive or if he was someone's cousin visiting from the Eastern Bloc. Either way, he pulled it off

20160724 0063Boom!

20160724 0064Ok, let's call it! Everyone's gonna need some of those Doan's pills tonight!

20160724 0065Other casualties, ankle wise

20160724 0066He was fine

20160724 0067Thought this was a Toy Machine tattoo at first

20160724 0068Dan Lu, no-handed 360 off the wedge

20160724 0069Heavy legends of East

20160724 0070Then Jim Thiebaud organized his famous Death Race for thrills and prizes

20160724 0071Mark, set …

20160724 0072Fun stuff

20160724 0073
20160724 0074
20160724 0075Paying to play

20160724 0076You gotta breath …

20160724 0077Warriors!

20160724 0078
20160724 0079All I said was 'It takes guts to be gentle and kind …'

20160724 0080Laugh-a-minute on the sidelines

20160724 0081Whaahhh!

20160724 0082War face!

20160724 0083Running a tight ship
20160724 0084You, and you and YOU!

20160724 0086
20160724 0087
20160724 0088
20160724 0089'Round the hair-pin corner

20160724 0090
20160724 0091It just kept going and going

20160724 0092Did I mention there was a kicker at the finish line?

20160724 0093Made for some fun photo-finishes

20160724 0094
20160724 0095
20160724 0096
20160724 0097Yep, just hug it out. What an amazing day. Wishing good thoughts and relishing the joy of being a skater. Stay up Rob! Again, donate what you can here.