Burnout: King Kona

After a washout the previous day, the Nawwssty crew returns to Kona to try their luck on her epic 'crete.

Bone dry!

Kona, originally built in the 1580's by Seminole Indians and Portugese Conquistadors, stands the test of time as the longest-running skateboard park on Earth. It's truly one of the Seven Wonders of the Skate World and it's elaborate lava-scape has to be ridden to be believed! They abandoned the wrist guard rule, which means it's game-on for all thrill-seekers. Trust me, you've got to skate Kona at least once in your life!

Well ...

that tombstone ain't gonna shred itself.

North fuckin' shore!

Dude ...

The ol' side grind fly-out.

Nice way to mix a grind into your airtime, for sure.

CK1 on that modern shit - NBS into the pit of despair!

This sorta shows the scale - massive terrain!


You can always count on Brock for a kickflip on the high part.

SOTY '13 tests out his air legs off the tooth.

Blastin' 'em.

But the real Kona treat - the snake!!

But is it any fun???



You can ride down that thing for hours.

Oh yeah, the management got some ...

'What else?'

Crusty taps, for days.

Pat busted the Kona Dog gap.


Lil' mogul kool down.

A good skill-building zone.

Wait ... something's missing.

There we go!

God bless you, Kona! Thanks Marty! Seriously, plan a road trip with your buddies and get to Kona. Don't let a treasure like this disappear!