Burnout: Grant Hatfield

Hello there loyal Thrasher magazine internet browsers. Grant Hatfield here, long time reader, second time poster at the "bible". I've combed my film archives for your viewing pleasure and included some candid shots of your favorite and soon to be favorite skateboarders. Warning: contains only 10% actual skateboarding.

Skaters, they're just like us! Collin Provost receives a box of boards from the "Chocolate Santa" aka the UPS man
Long Beach, CA 2013

Collin slashes at his stationary wave
Long Beach, CA 2013

Punks not dead, just sore
Pink Motel, Sun Valley, CA 2012

Aiden Mackey enjoys a different fruit pre Cherry video fame
Los Angeles, CA 2013

Guess the pro's foot? Hint: he refers to himself in the 3rd person
San Clemente, CA 2013

Cory Kennedy gets hooked up with a warning label
Santa Monica, CA 2013

Good ol' boy Elijah Berle, Trunk Boyz TF
Santa Monica, CA 2013

Elijah strengthens his core with a coffin ride on the boardwalk Santa Monica, CA 2012
Navarrette should do this one and call it the Horizontal Vampire

A pre-pubescent Elijah under the Duffel influence
Long Beach, CA 2010

More #tbt fodder. Young squirt Curren Caples back when Red Bull still gave him wings
Phoenix, AZ 2012

Daniel Lutheran's got the black boot blues
Long Beach, CA 2013

Always casual, always Bro Style
Long Beach, CA 2013

Speaking of Bro Style, Johnny Layton hoists Dakota Servold in for a piece of the frank
Leucadia, CA 2013

Johnny shaves his head before a Toy Machine trip to Barcelona. Lots of mushroom tea and The Doors movie on repeat during this era.
Long Beach, CA 2007

Your new favorite skateboarder, Shep Dawg and T-Eddy "Say My Name" candidate Rowan Zorilla
Tempe, AZ 2013

Neen Williams exhaling thee "essential"
Long Beach, CA 2009

Nick Trapasso self tattooing, pre L.E. and neck tats
Long Beach, CA 2009

Not even Austin Stephens' paralyzing good looks could charm this "old" into letting us skate her personal launch ramp Long Beach, CA 2010

John Fitzgerald was in "the shit"
10 West Buckeye, AZ 2013

Taylor Smith displays the anti athlete mentality of skateboarding
Twentynine Palms, CA 2012

You can't keep teenagers in captivity. T-Spliff gets "dusted"
Twentynine Palms, CA 2012

AVE looks for a current event to show at his next Fucking Awesome meeting
Anaheim, CA 2013

Your step-dad listens to dub-step
I unknowingly took this photo of skate legend Per Welinder
Huntington Beach, CA 2012

A tender moment with skate masochist and SOTY Leo Romero
Long Beach, CA 2012

Leo likes the way he looks, I guarantee it!
Long Beach, CA 2013

A t-shirt with the profile of Ed Templeton, drawn by Geoff Rowley, hangs in Ed's garage
Huntington Beach, CA 2012

Ed ollies a hip in Barcelona during a filming trip (one of his last) for his Emerica Stay Gold part
Barcelona, ES 2009

Ed post leg break and mid #edscouchadventures
Huntington Beach, CA 2013

Skateboardings first couple Ed and Deanna Templeton
Huntington Beach, CA 2011

Let this serve as a reminder of why our culture reigns supreme above all the others
Huntington Beach, CA 2011