Burnout: Berle-y Weekend

Vans rolled out the red carpet to celebrate Elijah Berle’s hotly-anticipated signature shoe – we’re talking skate jams, party busses, baller-ass spreads and the hip-hop stylings of Soulja Boy. Burnout could barely keep up. Congrats, Eli!

Berle 001 750pxI arrived into the lap of new-LA luxury

Berle 002 750pxFamiliar faces from afar. I just finished the SOTY issue that day at noon, so this really felt like a vacation

Berle 003 750pxRumblings at Jacuzzi edge

Berle 004 750pxAh … the boys arrive

Berle 005 750pxDun-dun-dunnnn …

Berle 006 750pxThe man of hour! Look at those shoes!

Berle 007 750pxNice to be around for these special moments in our lives

Berle 008 750pxGathering out front, it would become a theme

Berle 009 750pxThen over to Frank Musso’s for a little formal dining

Berle 010 750pxWear your best Lottie’s shorts, if you got ‘em

Berle 011 750pxGot to meet some of Elijah’s friends and family. Good looking bunch!

Berle 012 750pxFriendly LA types, everywhere

Berle 013 750pxPlus - hey, hey!

Berle 014 750pxThe old ‘shoot-em-with-food-in-their-mouths’ approach! This popular photography style is also common among mothers of pissed-off teenagers. Here goes!

Berle 015 750pxGrin and bear it

Berle 016 750pxTable for two

Berle 017 750pxThese guys just embraced it

Berle 018 750pxSolid pause. Not their first rodeo

Berle 019 750pxAlso, for this important night I decided to pull a brand new point-and-shoot camera out of the box and try to use it despite not reading any of the manuals. Thus, the only one in focus in this shot is Frank

Berle 020 750pxThat’s the spirit!

Berle 021 750pxDeer in headlights

Berle 022 750pxIn unplanned serendipity, Diego’s hair matched the booths

Berle 023 750pxMeanwhile over at the bar, industry heavyweights Shigeo and Bob call shots

Berle 024 750pxTyson and Cody, call me

Berle 025 750pxOk, don’t let anyone tell you that Curren and Jake don’t like fun

Berle 026 750pxTrust me

Berle 027 750pxI got sucked into their wake!

Berle 028 750pxHard not to smile around this guy

Berle 029 750pxSee!

Berle 030 750pxUhmm, guess I’ll be moving on …

Berle 031 750pxAnd we’re back!

Berle 032 750px‘Hello Uber, can you call me a Lyft please?’

Berle 033 750pxRain softened the morning

Berle 034 750pxReady for more

Berle 035 750pxMatt B, roll call

Berle 036 750pxWe had a bus for this one

Berle 037 750pxUmbrella service for Fabi

Berle 038 750pxBetter believe we need Beatrice and Oona dry for this thing

Berle 039 750pxAlltimer Ben on the bus

Berle 040 750pxThis is where Frank shines

Berle 041 750pxTotal gusher out there

Berle 042 750pxWashed up at an urban warehouse. Crockett was already there skating flatground on the roughest part of the floor

Berle 043 750pxKiller course, awaiting

Berle 044 750pxDustin Henry and Justin Henry, attack plan

Berle 045 750pxTyson fires first shots into the steep wall

Berle 046 750pxPancaked a few times

Berle 047 750pxUndeterred!

Berle 048 750pxIndy blunter, thumbs up

Berle 049 750pxGood ol’ FSA

Berle 050 750pxAnd the early hammer!

Berle 051 750pxIf there’s a bar, best believe …

Berle 052 750pxDustin with the color-coordinated switch crooks

Berle 053 750pxWhile workhorse Leon takes it straight to the simulated streets

Berle 054 750pxBoom!

Berle 055 750pxOmar, feeble into nothingness

Berle 056 750pxSmith plop

Berle 057 750pxAnd the ill back tail into the steeps

Berle 058 750pxJustin will crush any indoor course, especially when it’s wet outside. He’s from Ohio, after all

Berle 059 750pxDiego works the long jump

Berle 060 750pxWhile Bea gets all boneless and shit

Berle 061 750pxCedric popped in with the bionic frontside noseblunt, of course

Berle 062 750pxDiego’s paddle flips harken to a gentler time. So sick

Berle 063 750pxNot just here for the beer, shoe-man Berle plowed through with the showstopper. That’s how a pro does it

Berle 064 750pxWe were all tripping

Berle 065 750pxShit! Missed the free shoe surge! I mean, maybe I can fit into some 13s …

Berle 066 750pxFree grub on the patio. Taco Dudes were there!

Berle 067 750pxElias sips some sort of party potion

Berle 068 750pxBehold the technology required to make it just hang like that!

Berle 069 750pxGrant’s no stranger to the look-book district

Berle 070 750pxRoman made it

Berle 071 750px‘My brother did it.’ More shabby focus, but you get the idea

Berle 072 750pxStoop time, round three!

Berle 073 750pxA flood of familiar faces

Berle 074 750pxAre we getting on the bus again?

Berle 075 750pxYes! Canadians in the back!

Berle 076 750pxCoping crushers only

Berle 077 750pxShot callers

Berle 078 750pxTyson’s 15th photo

Berle 079 750pxJust holding it for a friend

Berle 080 750pxNow do you see why we’re all so concerned?

Berle 081 750pxLet’s do this

Berle 082 750pxThere’s that shiner

Berle 083 750pxCrack ‘em!

Berle 084 750pxSpectral lone wolves

Berle 085 750pxAll biz. Sorry, homies

Berle 086 750pxSeven and Beatrice, front row

Berle 087 750pxAnd we’re off

Berle 088 750pxMellow

Berle 089 750pxTyson was so hyped on Elijah’s pants

Berle 090 750pxLooking like a million damn dollars

Berle 091 750pxEven wildly out of focus you can still tell how tight the Lovell/Hinshaws are

Berle 092 750pxMatt B and Geoff R, Vans heavyweights

Berle 093 750pxUrban chill

Berle 094 750pxThere they are!

Berle 095 750pxSmells like … money

Berle 096 750pxCouldn’t keep his hand off ‘em

Berle 097 750pxThe future

Berle 098 750pxCosmic Glick, lost in the light

Berle 099 750pxOur guys, Morgnar and Rye

Berle 100 750pxNice to meet y’all

Berle 101 750pxTaco babes, everywhere

Berle 102 750pxCanadia’s finest

Berle 103 750pxShit! Band started!

Berle 104 750pxEasy!

Berle 105 750pxNuge on bass

Berle 106 750pxConsider yourself rocked

Berle 107 750pxMeanwhile, up in VIP …

Berle 108 750px‘We’ll always have the Berle shoe party, babe’

Berle 109 750pxEveryone was there … the Kovacses

Berle 110 750pxHecka Worblers …

Berle 111 750pxWaterfall survivors, SOTYs, Hosoi and son …

Berle 112 750pxAnd then came the most challenging part of the evening

Berle 113 750pxFound myself WAY offsides when Soulja Boy hit the stage

Berle 114 750pxAs a top skateboarding event photographer, it’s imperative that I be there to capture every magical moment, especially as it has to do with the raising of oversized novelty checks, the spiking of trophies and most of all, shoe-getting pros interacting with popular rappers!

Berle 115 750pxFortunately it was business as usual by the time I found myself within range

Berle 116 750pxAlthough the Canadians played me a few numbers on the bus I didn’t even recognize the ’Superman that Hoe’ song, so I was coming to this with fresh ears

Berle 117 750pxGotta say, in the shabby world of live hip hop, SB sounded pretty alright to me

Berle 118 750pxNot to mention he had a gigantic stack of loose bills as a stage prop

Berle 119 750pxAnd his stage entourage all seemed generally enthused

Berle 120 750pxTotally offsides for the Kader crowd surfing shot, but I happen to know Dakota Mullins nailed the crap out of it

Berle 121 750pxYou get the idea, but still

Berle 122 750pxSurprised to see that not even the excitement and immediacy of performing live could keep Soulja off his phone

Berle 123 750pxWhat hope does that leave for the rest of us and our mundane lives?

Berle 124 750pxLet’s just call it multi-media, I guess

Berle 125 750pxBerle joins the cast!

Berle 126 750pxLooked so good up there in that white and leather

Berle 127 750pxHonestly, if he’d been thrown the mic and laid down a verse I would not have been the least bit surprised

Berle 128 750pxIn the pit, the kids could no longer hold their horses

Berle 129 750pxReally wish I knew how to focus this goddamn camera for this one

Berle 130 750pxCedric strikes an intimidating pit presence, but he’s a straight shooter. Don’t worry

Berle 131 750pxMostly fun

Berle 132 750pxAlbeit sweaty

Berle 133 750pxA few take-aways from Soulja’s stage banter:

1. He’s the best rapper in the game

2. Tyga? No, it is Soulja who had the greatest comeback of 2018

Berle 134 750pxAnd 3. It was Soulja Boy (not Al Gore) who invented the Internet

Berle 135 750pxNo one would fault him for confidence. And truly, a good time was had by all

Berle 136 750pxEspecially Tyson

Berle 137 750pxWhen I looked over and saw Muller making this gesture, although I had no idea what it meant, I knew it was time for me to leave. Thanks for the wildly fun couple of days, Vans! And congrats on the shoe, Berle. Can’t wait to see this video!