Burnout: Beer Shoe

Fallen and St Archer's beer are collabing on a shoe for Slash. Sounded like as good a reason as any to hang with some old friends for the day.

But first, get the awkwardness of the new T-Eddy awards out of the way.

'When you flip through and you don't see your name, you're stoked.'

New skatepark, two blocks from my house.

Let's let Windsor show you how it's done.

Though the chief didn't BS Boneless?

Ah shit. Tommy rollin in with a FF to tail - Chula Style.

Local, basically.

Who woulda thought the Texas Plant would become as ubiquitous as the crooks?

Oldie, also goodie.

The young learning from the mustached.

Alright, demo's over. Let's get outta here!

Down the street, a private eagle mini???!

Slash investigates, backside noseblunt style.

Oh, it's just the new Zero/Fallen offices. Nice.

Out to the streets.


Dog as his co-pilot.

The ol' piano store gap.

She's a good dog. Yes. She is.


Fisheye angle looks mad crowded.

There's room for one more, right?

Nailed it!

Here we go. Then a rich lady pulled up and sneered at us (not worth showing.)

Next up: This thing.

That rock's the least of his problems.

It got better.

Over to the party venue. Mikey and Ed talk rock.

There would be punk, too.

Classics, of course.

What is this thing, anyway?

Oh, just the big Fallen X St Archer's collab skate rock jam is all!!!

Chief flicks tre, party getting started.

Even the ref got into the act!

Of course!

As Loom explored the psychedelic soundscape, the bank sesh ramped way up.

Bring your upper body strength, if you got some.

Did I mention the runway started in the Tiki closet?

Manage that!


Oh, you didn't think that thing would handplant???

You made good calls tonight, ref!

Fresh air out front, getting hassled by the ride channel lady.

Hecka 'tude from that organization!

Oh shit! Here we go!

Wooly Mammoth and the Eggplants!!!

Skate Rock explosion!

Yeah, they had a smoke machine. So what?

Shit started to get hectic.

In case you were wondering who dominated the bank, it was for sure Brandon Perelson.

Kind of amazing.

Another quick cool down, time for a team photo shoot.

Peanut, holding it down, broadwise.

And then .... HARSH TOKE!!!

The press had a fuckin' field day!

Heavy. Duty.

Take your acid NOW!

Can you guys keep it down? I'm trying to watch Salba's part!!

Sliding into sloppiness.

Squad, round 2.

What do you mean, time to go home?

This shit is open 'til 2. Kept me out until 1:30, at least. Fucked up my whole program. Congrats on the shoe and the beer, bros! Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple of brands!