Belco Bowl Jam: 20 Year Anniversary Article

The Belco Bowl Jam recently clocked 20 years and the scene Down Under really went all out to celebrate. A session-packed weekend with Oz’s finest kicked off by taking over the Church Café alleyway, followed by street-spot cash grabs all over town before ending at the bowl jam—all squeezed in by the time the rain set in for good. Forget your one-minute runs, tricks for cash always ensures nonstop action. —George Kousoulis

Photos by Sam Coady, Wade McLaughlin and Tom Robinson

62 Ethan Copeland BonelessEthan Copeland throws a boneless in his backyard. We'll get to the Jam in a bit, but first we'll start at the beginning of the day

01 CBR localsCanberra locals out in full force to get the session sparked. First spot: the Church Café alleyway 

03 Nixen Osborne cash grabStraight out the gate, Nixen Osborne snatches a twenty from Red

05 Nixen Osborne distanceThen he dominates the long-jump event

07 Zoolz Jackstagram waxing barKeeping the evening moving we see... Zoolz waxing the Church Café bar?

08 Johnno Halchenko 5.0 BarJohnno Halchenko aka Spliffcheese stands on a 5-0 where you usually rest your beer

15 Hip spot line upInto the sunlight now, the hip-spot lineup was heavy and hungry for cash

22 Pat Robers Fs flip 2Pat Roberts throws a mean and clean frontside flip for a few bucks

24 Shanae Collins Bean plantShanae Collins gets his back with an ice plant off the corner

25 Crew off to the next spotNext spot!

26 Chima air stairsChima five-stair hang time on the way. No cash reward, he's a soul scooterer

28 Jackson Pilz and Chima"Triple-set sesh before midday?" Jackson and Chima look on confused

30 Leonardo Tre flipSoon enough, the hungry locals get to huckin'. Leonardo Panzera tré flips the triple set for breakfast

33 Johnno Halchenko fs 180Over to the big boy next door. Johnno Halchenko hops down it with a huge 180 attempt

34 Johnno focusedTwo boards down for Johnno

35 Gabbers Cody JohnnoGiggly Gabbers as Cody Riley sacrifices his board for the make

36 Johnno Halchenko 180 double set 2Spliffcheese thickening his wallet by stomping the 180

37 Off to the skateparkAcross to the skatepark now!

38 Jack O Grady smithCoverboy Jack O'Grady gets a hungover Smith on a local's board

39 CHima Ferguson Varial Heel railChima chimes in with a varial heelflip over the rail. Easy beer money for the boys

43 Belco bowl JamEnough hucking, time for the main event!

48 Bowl jam rippersZepp Heyes and company eyeing it up, about to get some

51 Aaliyah Fs smithMegaranch Aaliyah dives in and goes straight for the Smith grind

53 Ruby Trew air 2Ruby Trew likes an airborne approach. She was flying high all day

60 Josh DNLSon of '80s vert legend Steve Higham, Josho takes an egg over the channel

63 Kieran Wolley kicky indy channelKieran Woolley and his old-faithful kicky Indy

67 Highest air obstacleTime for the highest air... Yes, that is exactly what you think it is

71 RJ high air jam 2RJ Barbaro fully tucked, flyin' high frontside 

72 RJ man downMan down. You got it next year, RJ

75 Ethan roll inRoll in on top of a roll in?

76 Ethan airThe speed strategy pays off! Ethan Copeland knows this bowl

78 Ethan Copeland highest airHighest air for Ethan, duh

79 TrophyNow, on to the formalities

81 Ethan first loserKieran Woolley crowned Lord of the Bowl and Ethan walks away First Loser

83 Shoe voucher tossGather 'round, it's time to give away some gear

84 Product toss 5Classic proddy-toss photo

86 Cons stuck in bowlThe grand finalé, aka the annual watch Conz try get out of the bowl

87 Roller skatesThank you, Vans, for helping to make another successful event. That's it for the second decade of celebration at the Belco Bowl. See you all next year for number 21!
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