Behind The Scenes Of Tony Hawk’s Lakai Proto Commercial

Tony Hawk is no stranger to acting, so once Lakai realized they needed a commercial to go with the release of his new shoe, The Proto, it was a no-brainer to get him in front of the lens. However, this time it was under the direction of Lakai’s own Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco. Seeing as how this was his first time directing a commercial of any sort, doing one with the Birdman himself was probably a little daunting. Featuring a street session in downtown LA with Tony and Manchild himself, cameos from Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, a chase scene with Animal Chin and a heavy vert session to end it all, you’re bound to get a ripping edit. After all was said and done, I was pretty impressed with what Manchild was able to come up with and I think all of you will be too. Good job, Manch! –Alex Papke

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 1 750pxNine AM call times are rough for anyone, even the Birdman. Straight off the plane to the Lakai office

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 2 750pxDirector Tyler Pacheco giving Tony a quick run down of his vision

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 3 750pxRick needed a quick look at the script before the cameras started rolling

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 4 750px“You know, everybody’s got that manager that thinks he’s slick but doesn’t know anything about skateboarding”

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 5 750pxBoard-meeting kicking off. Carrol is stoked for his big on-camera debut. It doesn’t get any more Hollywood than this

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 6 750pxThe star of the commercial: The Proto. It was almost cleverly named the Bony Hawk

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 7 750pxA must needed Instagram moment.

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 8 750pxMore than anything, Mikey was a big fan of the smell

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 9 750PX“We’ll be sniffin’ it, like gettin’ high off it and shit”

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 10 750pxCarroll just couldn’t get enough of the smell

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 11 750pxHufnagel peeked his head in to get a quick catch-up with Tony before we headed towards Supreme

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 12 750pxTony might not have been the biggest fan, but Manch had no problems with this front feeble at the Supreme bowl

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 13 750px“Uh, it’s tight. Nah, I mean it’s too tight. I’m 6’3”. You want me to do a 900? You’ll be lucky to get a 90 out of me”

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 14 750pxMaybe the streets will be a little bit easier. Manchild shows no hesitation with this frontside wallride at a classic downtown LA spot

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 15 750pxTony taking it to the streets, no-comply style.

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 16 750px“We’ll skate to some Andre Nicatina, like on some Mike shit”

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 17 750pxHere comes the kickout…

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 18 750pxNope, she just wanted a photo with Tony

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 19 750pxShe was a big fan of The Proto, too. However, she declined to give it a smell

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 20 750pxTony’s still got it in the streets, frontside wallride

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 21 750pxAnd on the brick quarters—frontside ollie to get things started.

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 22 750pxManchild wasn’t far behind. Backside nosepiece

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 23 750pxTony had to go back to back with him, backside blunt

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 24 750pxClosing out the session with a patriotic tailblock

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 25 750pxThat’s a lot of street skating for one day.

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 26 750pxQuick switch in locations—the boys were on the hunt for Animal Chin

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 27 750pxDecades later, it looks like they might have found him!

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 28 750px“I don’t know how hard it would be to get Animal Chin, but I’m sure Tony could hit up Stacy or somebody”

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 29 750pxHigh-speed pursuit style

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 30 750pxNuge makes a pretty good Chin, don’t you think?

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 31 750pxOnce the locals found out who was filming on their street, a selfie was mandatory.

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 32 750pxThere’s never just one…

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 33 750pxThe Chin awaits

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 34 750px“No marketing, just fun”

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 35 750pxDay two, mandatory stretch session

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 36 750pxNuge wasn’t able to make it so we had a quick tranny sub-in for Chin

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 37 750pxAfter a quick session on the pump track, Tony was ready to hit the ramp

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 38 750pxMinutes later and Tony shows no hesitation to the ramp. A little bit easier than the streets, eh?

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 39 750pxChin getting his back. If you couldn’t tell, we subbed in tranny superstar Jimmy Wilkins for day two

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 40 750pxGetting fully inverted is nothing for Tony

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 41 750pxMasterlensman Doughnut giving the boys a behind-the-scenes preview

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 42 750pxNo stranger to the ramp, Tony didn’t have much of a problem with this frontside heelflip

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 43 750pxStraight to doubles right after. They can’t be stopped!

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 44 750pxManchild hurt his back a couple of days earlier playing with his friend’s dog. He and team manager Steve Smith were stoked to see this ripping go down nonetheless

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 45 750pxShoutout to these guys for putting on a great show for the day. It was unreal, to say the least

LakaiProto photoPAPKE 46 750pxAnd be sure to grab Tony’s shoe. The Proto is hitting shops now! You won’t be disappointed
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