"Baker 4" Premiere Photos

I started to write an intro for this post and then realized it doesn’t need one. You’re going to watch this video no matter what I have to say about it—it speaks for itself. Regardless, here’s some photos from the Baker 4 premiere this past Thursday night at the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown LA. Wait, I actually do have one thing to say about the video: All hail Baca!

By David Broach
Photos by David Broach and Atiba Jefferson

001 PDB05990The main event

002 PDB06004Rowan, always at work!

003 PDB06008The Z family came out to support

004 PDB06002Coolest of the cool right here, Spanky and Hsu

005 PDB06013Neck warmin’ it up

006 PDB06020Caught Lenoce scalpin’ tickets out front

007 PDB06029Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca and Baca

008 PDB06031J-Bone making deals

009 PDB05971Lot lizard

010 PDB05972Frank, Tom and Rose

011 PDB05977Seems like it would be easy for him to pee but Frank says it’s a little messy sometimes

012 PDB06032The Mills

013 PDB06035This was a private event and the crowd lined up around the block! Crazy

014 PDB05993Nate can’t wait!

015 PDB06040Jimmy Astleford TMing T-Funk

016 PDB06041Sebo wondering if he can get in. Go talk to Lenoce

017 PDB06026Fucking Adrian Lopez!

018 PDB06042Braydon Szafranski and his tongue

019 PDB06044Atiba: “You got this, right? I’m probably gonna be really wasted ” Sorry for partying is a way of life, kids

020 PDB06051Very well groomed, probably important people with Steve

021 PDB06054Smooth criminals: Julian Davidson, Ethan Loy, Nick Garcia and a Cookie

022 PDB06057Sheffield Sluggers!

023 PDB06061Rhino always hobnobbing with the stars

024 PDB06063Raney letting the good times roll

025 PDB06065Rhino shooting selfies again. Pfft, millennials. Am I right?!

026 PDB05998Dem Vegas boys came out to support Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca and Baca. Umm, Matt, what are you
looking at? I said one, two, three—cheese, man

027 PDB06066Nuge made an impressive entrance. Right, guy on the right?

028 PDB06068Dave Hoang… not so much. Right, guy on the right?

029 PDB06070Comrades in arms

030 PDB06073Ellington even makes loafers look cool! A real American hero right here

031 PDB06074Kenny Anderson meet and greet

032 PDB06076Skateboarding’s original “it” couple

033 PDB06081TNTicket

034 PDB06083Steam rollin’ with Dollin

035 PDB06084Boss and lady Boss hidin’ out for a sec before the show starts

036 PDB06086Red carpet kind of night

037 Baker4Atiba 2Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca and Boss

038 Baker4Atiba 3You better not need a caption for this one

039 PDB06088Topside style

040 PDB06090One of Hot Rod’s finest! Formerly known as Dirty, now just Dan, with Mr. New Mexico (still known as Mr. New Mexico)

041 PDB06091I don’t understand the universe. Skateboarding wasn’t ready for Oliver Buchanan

042 PDB06093Richie Belchin’

043 PDB06097James Atkin, Richie Belton, Oliver Buchanan and introducing new Hellrose team rider, Rowan

044 PDB06100LizaThe ‘Zard, keepin’ it classy

045 PDB06103Bev’d up

046 PDB06109Chérie and Lannie Rhoades

047 PDB06110Nuge always comes through in a pinch!

048 PDB06117Photo: Andrew James Peters

049 PDB06119Baca’s media crew: Muska Matt and Dave Hoang

050 PDB06120Neen and Foy, all set

051 PDB06121Jimmy Greco

052 PDB06123Clive and T-Hawk

053 PDB06124Old crazy eyes Allen

054 PDB06125Beagle and a bomber named Jr.

055 PDB06127Mr. Mario

056 PDB06129Tuan and Jamie

057 Baker4Atiba 4Famous people

058 Baker4Atiba 5

059 Baker4Atiba 6Big Fig, KB and Kirby

060 Baker4Atiba 7The future

061 Baker4Atiba 8Always up to no good

062 Baker4Atiba 9Talent to stage left

063 Baker4Atiba 10Come on, Tom

064 Baker4Atiba 11Crowd is ready

065 Baker4Atiba 13Proud

066 Baker4Atiba 12Applause, applause, applause. Roll the tape!

067 Baker4Atiba 16Good fucking work, sir

068 PDB06148Drew dipping before the quiet riot

069 PDB06151
070 PDB06162
071 PDB06170
072 PDB06181High Funkin’ 5s

073 PDB06186 Just a little mellow, disorderly conduct. Not like last time

074 PDB06194Cops to the left

075 PDB06205Cops to the right

076 PDB06211Dominick Walker, playing with fire

077 PDB06220WGP: White Girl Privilege

078 PDB06225It ain’t a party ’til someone gets maced

079 PDB06226Quick Gregson spotting on the way out. Homie can roll

080 Baker4Atiba 14Now for the after black hammers… Nuge, Lizard and Neck

081 Baker4Atiba 17Nuge shows the Hollywood Hills crew how to flex

082 Baker4Atiba 18All smiles from the Kevin’s and Nuge

083 Baker4Atiba 19Ako and Javi having a blast!

084 Baker4Atiba 20DJ Beagle never disappoints

085 Baker4Atiba 21Amos, Robert and Javi loved the video

086 Baker4Atiba 23Gary and Blake were the center of the party

087 Baker4Atiba 24Zach shows Figgy his Figgy

088 Baker4Atiba 25Kevin loves Erica. We do too

090 Baker4Atiba 27Jerry giving love to Black’s owner, Beth

091 Baker4Atiba 28Lots of hand gestures going on, but the mood was good—trust me

092 Baker4Atiba 29It continued until we were asked to leave. And on that note, goodnight from Baker 4! This video does not disappoint. I suggest you watch it on repeat until you go blind. Thanks for taking the time to look at these photos while you can still see

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