Am Scramble 2022 Premiere Photos

When the AM Scramble started with what became today's top-tier pros, it was clear that this thing had legs. Five years in, it's still goin' strong. This time, Burnett rounded up the best of the best for a two-week run around the holy land of lobster rolls and clam chowder. Needless to say, they handled their business in Boston and a party was in order. Scroll through to see who made their way to Long Beach for yet another mind-melting video.

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 1The first stop of the night? The free beers, duh! If you’re going seltzer, beware of the eight-percent ABV. Thanks for the big-time hookup, New Belgium!

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 2Thrasher’s event guru Dylan Christopher had been at the space since 9:30 AM, breaking his back to make this one possible. A beverage was well deserved

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 3As always, a Burnett photo show, front and center, this time with a larger-than-life Nick Matthews

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 4Not to mention a few other favorites

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 5Don’t trip; we had mags going for days

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 5Rye guy came to bask in everything Thrasher that was up for grabs

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 7Did we mention Burnett somehow formulated every word he doesn’t understand into one cohesive sentence? A title for the ages

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 8The youth in attendance

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 9But if you can, please don't scuff the floors

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 10Triple OG Brian Brown was handing out drinks all night

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 11Speaking of OGs, Tuan and Knox were there

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 13Ewan Bowman not only brought the Palace drip, but also a low-cal drink option

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 14Burnett speculating what it would have been like to have a young Omar on the Scramble

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 15While the party was popping, Taylor caught up on emails

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 16Skater/photog super couple, Mariah Duran and Jeremiah Arias

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 17Pat Praman went off as always, accompanied here by Christian Dufrene and Scramble vet John Dilo

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 18The Yeto boys came out with their respected media plus-ones

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 19Speaking of media, Ewan grabbed the camera to take an unmatched Thrasher Masterlensman selfie

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 20Much better

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 21And now, it’s time for the big speech

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 22Kevin and Bradford hop to the front

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 23Five Scrambles later, not a bad turnout

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 24A front row FaceTime experience for the Scramblers who couldn’t be there

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 25With a congratulatory “thank you” from the boss himself

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 26Soon enough, the vultures picked the walls clean

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 27Bailey came up on one of his roommate—a great piece for the fridge

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 28While said roommate went for a highly-coveted T-Sav kickflip at Eggs

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 29Jaeb had to go with Max

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 30While Dilo hit a classic. I’m sure he’s got one from every year in his apartment

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 31But who’s taking the cover home?

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 32I guess Nick didn’t want to fly back to Chicago with this one

AMSCRAMBLE22 PAPKE 33And just like that, I made my way to some peace and quiet in the VIP section. Check the newest mag to get a heavy dosage of photos from Scramble number five, and keep your eyes peeled for the video. Bon voyage!
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