Am Scramble 2021 Premiere Photos

After a Two-year hiatus and much anticipation, Burnett recruited some of the heaviest hitters to date for the 2021 Am Scramble. With lifted COVID restrictions and a few pallets of free beverages from our friends at New Belgium, this year's crew also got the official premiere treatment. The crowd in Venice Beach was a beauty to behold, with teammates, scenemates and even a few babies trippin' on the fresh batch of Scramblers. Scroll through to see who made it out for the big show. —Alex Papke

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 1First visitor of the night, Mr. Rye Beres—early as ever

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 2Pro tip: always allow an extra hour to test audio. You never know how the night is going to end up

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 3Walking into the venue, we get our first look at the evening's photo show

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 4With a gang of pinups courtesy of Burnett

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 5Featuring one of my personal favorites––the couch SOTY himself, photo by Rye

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 6Of course we got free magazines as far as the eye can see, alongside enough stickers to cover your folks' full-body mirror

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 7Ewan made the trek all the way down from Sac-Town, and even brought pizza! Hope he got 'em at the end of the drive...

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 8As preparations were made, the event staff was busy putting their monthly earnings on the line

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 9Did we mention we were able to score Brian Brown as the bartender? Serving up Gen Z’s wet dream, free hard seltzer

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 10As attendees started to pile in, they went straight for the free product, of course. At least kids are still reading these things

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 11And lucky enough, Jhancarlos was able to smuggle in Mike’s favorite Brazilian beans, Juan Valdez, from across the border. While Matt B did an excellent job TMing this trip, he was unfortunately not given any coffee

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 12It’s always amazing to see Taliesin and Ansel at these things. Hambone is definitely very proud looking down

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 13Masterlensman Will McCarthy came all the way from Texas just to jump on the Rams bandwagon

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 14First round Scrambler Tyson Peterson brought the pack while new guy Christian Henry found the only spot in the building to charge your phone

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 15John Gardner came correct with some printed tips on how to step back and relax. When was the last time any of you read a book, after all?

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 16While grabbing a forgotten skateboard on his way out of the Homies premiere, Kevin Shealy accidentally tripped on a cord and focused a brand new projector. It was only appropriate we fuck this one up and take a photo of it. Rye was not happy

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 17Ewan wouldn’t stop getting in my ear the whole night about how Shintaro had the sickest clip in the video. And of course, I totally missed the clip he was talking about during the first showing

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 18At the Bunnyhop premiere, I was able to capture what I thought was all three of the Herrera brothers. To my surprise, there is a fourth and he definitely doesn’t stray far from the mold

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 19Shane Farber, popular target for a sticker slaps...or four

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 20Still riding the high from getting cover of the year, Marco couldn’t say no to a party with free seltzers

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 21If K-White's in the building, you know he's getting bottle service

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 22After you see the new footage Christian is cooking up, you'll be gettin' him a bottle too

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 23Not only do Gage and Thrasher Dan have matching 'staches, but they got the matching outfits going too

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 24Once Burnett has the mic, you can’t slow the man down

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 25Ansel and Taliesin got VIP tickets for this one

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 26Yes, it feels crazy to see this many people inside an indoor venue after two years

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 27Carl and Rickk, very stoked to see what the next generation has in store

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 28And by Rickk's reaction after, I would say the kids are alright

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 29You’re bound to see way more of these three in the years to come

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 30As is tradition at these things, all of the photos get new homes. Burndog is keepin' this Susie sequence for the office

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 31While Steak got his hands on some gold from Ronnie Kessner

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 32Not even five minutes after the video, Krazy Frankie is already signing autographs for fans. Gardner makes sure The Mafia gets some shine this evening too

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 33Kris and Robert bring back something for the ambiance in the Palace store

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 34Once the photos came down, things started getting kind of crazy for Mitch and Mango

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 35At that point, security was pretty fed up with our antics. So naturally, we had to flick up one more time on our way out

AMSCRAMBLE22 PREMIER PAPKE 36And just like that, cover boy Frankie Decker calls shotgun and another year is wrapped up for the biggest event in amateur skateboarding. If you’ve been sleeping under a rock, don’t stress. You can Meet the Scramblers from this year playing on the site now. Keep your eyes peeled for the full vid to follow. Now, who’s on the roster for next year?
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