Am Scramble 2018: Kader Sylla Interview

Kader Photo1 750px

Alright, Kader, we’re gonna start off with the questions, some easy ones. How old are you?
Seventeen… 16.

Which one?
Sixteen! Why would I be 17?

Mike Sinclair: Why would you say 17?
I didn’t say 17. I said 16, Mike. You need hearing aids?

How’d you finally talk your mom into letting you get out of school?
Uh, Andrew did.

Did you listen in? What was the argument?
What was the argument? I didn’t argue. I argued for like a year or two and then Andrew did the rest.

So what’s the agreement?
I just have to do good.

S: You didn’t do any of the homework on the trip, though.
Shut up, Mike! Yes I did.

S: Bullshit.
Don’t talk to me, Mike. I’m talking to Burnett.

S: In ten days I don’t think you did any homework.
I definitely did do homework. But that was a long ten days.

So what’s the deal? You gotta do homework on the computer then you turn it in every once in a while?
I work on computer and on paper.

How’s it going? Are you flunking out? Are you doing good? What’s going on?
Nah, I have to finish three classes by the end of the semester and then I’ll be fine.

What are your three classes?
I have five classes I think. PE…

How do you do PE on the computer?
You don’t. I just have to log it on a piece of paper.

S: What you do you gotta do, run? Or do you just skate?

S: And that counts?

Kader Photo9 750px
Kader Photo10 750px
S: So you got PE, that’s one. What else you got?
PE, History, English and something else but I don’t remember.

You got Math?
No. Oh, Biology. Yeah, Biology.

S: And what’s your grade point average?
I don’t know, man. I never asked my teacher.

Kader Quote1 750px
S: Well, are you passing, are you failing, are you scooting by?
It depends on tests. I pass the fuck out of my tests.

S: But do you pass them?

S: Because you were putting out direct messages trying to trade product for homework.

S: Yep.
No. You’re a liar, Mike.

S: I seen that shit.
You didn’t see shit, Mike! You told me to DM Nick Merlino to test him.

S: True. And what happened with that? What did Mike try to get you to do to poor Nick?
Mike wanted me to terrorize poor Nick Merlino and it’s fucked up. Mike, you’re lying.

S: You said, “Hey, I like how you were pranking Merlino. I want in on some of that.”
Lie. Lying fucking motherfucker.

S: That’s what you said.
That’s not what I said.

S: Well, we’re gonna disagree on that one.
Mike, go make me a ham sandwich.

S: I don’t think you want my ham sandwich. So what’d you do to poor Nick?
We terrorized him. We pranked him that I was starting a company and wanted him on it but I wasn’t really.

And what did he say? Was he interested?

Kader Photo2 750pxWith Kader’s home-school program this hurricane in Dallas somehow counted as PE

S: Well, we shouldn’t talk about this. The prank didn’t go over so well.
Well, it was your fault.

S: You were a part of it so we’re equally responsible. Fifty-50. Just like losing the chain.
Just like losing the chain?

S: Yeah. What happened? You asked Mike to hold your chain and then what happened?
I asked Mike to hold my chain and then the next day I asked him for it back and he says he gave it back to me.

S: Which I did.
You did? I’m about to hang up this phone right now, Mike!

S: You said you were gonna—maybe you gave it back to me, I don’t know. Somehow I ended up with a chain but I gave it back to you.
How’d you end up with the chain then?

S: I don’t know.
Yeah, exactly. One-hundred percent your fault. One-hundred. No 50-50 bullshit. That was your fault!

S: Well, I’m saying it’s 50 percent your fault because you put your trust in me. I don’t usually hold jewelry.
Well then you shoulda said no!

Kader Quote2 750px
S: Well, next time I will.
Well, there’s not gonna be a next time.

S: How long has it been since the trip?
Like a month.

S: And you still ain’t got your chain?

Where’s the chain now?
At Boblem’s house.

What were you doing out in Cacka all that time?

S: How was it? Did you stay at Jevan’s?
No. Mike, how could I have stayed with Jevan if I saw you with Aaron Casey?

S: He’s staying with Aaron Casey. So you seemed sad on the Scramble. What happened? You got real emotional. You got fired up, which we liked, and then you got sad.
I don’t think that happened.

I got a photo where you climbed underneath a handrail and kind of just sacked yourself on it.
I don’t think that happened either.

What about when you got fired the fuck up and Mike was throwing water on you?
I don’t remember that.

S: I remember that. It was great.
Were you having dreams or something?

S: Why were you always jumping on my back and taking my hat and just annoying the shit out of me.

Kader Photo3 750pxWhile Sinclair misplaces his chain, Kader rocks a stylish Bennett grind

S: Yep?
Fuck you.

Alright, let’s get some basic stuff. Who was your favorite skater as a kid?
I don’t know.

You’re still a kid, but who was your favorite skater two years ago?
Pedro Barros maybe? Grant Taylor?

Take us through that tail drop in Canada. What was that like?
It was high and it hurt.

Do you count that as a make?
I don’t know. I didn’t really care.

Did you do it with the glasses on or did you have to take the glasses off for the big one?
I did it with the glasses on.

How much money did you get?
Like $1,000 or something.

What’d you do with it?
I spent it.

S: What’d you buy?

S: What kind of shit?
Stuff I like.

S: And what is that?
I don’t know. I forgot. I may have bought maybe—I don’t know, Mike! You’re asking me all these damn questions that I don’t even remember.

How much money do you make a month?
I’m not telling you.

What do you spend it on?
Food and Uber. And gadgets.

S: What type of gadgets you got?
Mike, I only want to hear from Mike Burnett.

S: I’ve still got your fuckin’ game pillow in my van, too.
Well, I want it back.

Kader Photo11 750pxDreaming of Hawaii, Indy footplant off da’ wall in Dallas

S: It’s in there.
I saw you the other day.

S: Where?
At Boblem’s house.

S: That was, like, three weeks ago.
Oh shit.

What’d you think of the guys on the Scramble this year? What’d you think of the crew? Who surprised you?
No one. They’re all good as fuck.

S: Who was your favorite Scrambler?
Mike, who do you think was my favorite Scrambler?

S: I don’t know. Your roommate Justin?

How is he as a roommate?
The worst.

What did he do?
I’m kidding. He was chill.

S: How are you as a roommate?
Fuckin’ amazing.

What’s the latest you’ve ever stayed up playing video games?
Like, 5:30.

Why did you get so tired on the trip? Was that too much skating?
Yeah, we skated for, like, 14 hours a day. We probably skated from ten or 11 in the morning to, like, one in the morning every day.

S: Yeah, but how many times did you not skate during the day? This should be a fuckin’ math test right here to find out how much you actually skated in those 14 hours.
I don’t know. Probably, like, eight.

S: Nah, I’m gonna say about two and a half.
You are a fucking liar. How much did you skate? Zero?

S: I rolled around once. What did you think of Texas?
We shoulda went to Hawaii. Or Seattle ’cause Seattle is sick as fuck.

Were you scared when you drove that scooter through the puddle?

You weren’t worried it was gonna be deep?

Kader Photo5 750pxCutting into his Fortnite time with a 180 nosegrind after 7 pm

S: I thought you were going down. I couldn’t wait.
I wish you rode that. You wouldn’t even get to the puddle.

S: You’re right. I’ve never rode a Bird.

What did you think of Jaakko?
He’s fucking amazing.

What did you tell Frank you had to reconsider?
I had to reconsider being on Nike.

’Cause Frank wasn’t there.
Yeah. He’s a way better TM than Mike.

S: How do you know? I wasn’t TMing you on the trip; I was just there.
Yeah, you were being annoying.

S: I was getting annoyed by the most annoying.
Yeah, like the last night when what’s his name did that noseblunt on the rail and you drove away. Stupid ass.

S: He did hit my bumper.
Nuh uh. No, Mike, let me tell you the story. So I ran away and everyone was after me for no reason. They were all just on Mike’s side for no fuckin’ reason.

S: Yeah, because you annoyed the whole crew. We were all gonna attack you and just drown you.
No, no, no. You started it first of all. Hold on, don’t speak. I ran around him and then they were all over at the car waiting for me to come back so that they could drive away and then Mike’s dumb ass tried putting it in gear or whatever and put it in reverse and hit the back of the fuckin—I forgot what that thing was. What was that?

Kader Photo6 750pxAt least Auby was having a good time. Frontside grind under an Indy blaster at King Ranch

S: The storage container.
Yeah, the storage container. And he tried to blame it on me when you were the one driving.

S: It’s true.

Who’s crazier, Mike or Auby?
Oh, I don’t know. I’d rather hang out with Auby, for sure. Honestly, I’d rather hang out with anyone but Mike. Hey, Mike, guess where I’m going tonight?

S: Where?
Biebel’s, bitch. Thank God you’re not here. I hope Scuba comes.

S: Nah, he’s leaving soon. Who do you think’s gonna get the cover of the Scramble trip?
Fuckin’ Henry. I already said this. Henry or fuckin’ Pedro. I hope Fabiana gets it, though. Who’s gotten a girl cover of Thrasher?

Cara-Beth Burnside, Jaime Reyes and Lizzie.
Oh yeah, Lizzie got a cover. I’d add Fabiana to that.

She’ll get there.
I’ll give you $100,000 to give her the cover.

We can work that out.
Alright, so there is a chance you could give her the cover.

Kader Photo12 750pxSomewhere, over the rainbow, Kader carves     Photo: Jaako

Oh, definitely. What did you think of that GX video?
It was cool.

You ever been down to those hills?

How are you on hills?
I eat shit a lot.

How do you think Mike would do?
Ha! You shouldn’t have asked me that. His big ass would tumble down the whole thing. He’d step on the board and the fucking wheels would fly off and he’d fall forward and start rolling forward down the whole damn thing.

S: That would be a good clip.
I’d be so happy to see that. So happy.

Kader Quote3 750px
You asked to go on the trip but I feel like maybe you wish you hadn’t gone. Are you glad you went?
I wish I stayed home and played Fortnite.

What was the worst part of the trip?
The skating.

S: You didn’t like the spots?
No, I didn’t like the skating.

S: Why not?
’Cause I hate skateboarding. Nah, I don’t hate skateboarding but I don’t like skating for seven hours a day—14 hours, I mean.

S: What would your preferred Scramble be like?
Going to Hawaii, skating at least five hours a day and then going home at like seven and then chilling for the rest of the day. Chill out in front of the hotel, skate some curbs. Then fly to San Francisco, film there and then drive home.

Kader Photo13 750px
Yep, we were on that Zero schedule.
Hell yeah! I was in the van, though, so I didn’t care. I was watching TV.

S: The worst shows.
Shut up, Mike.

You’re going to Hawaii tomorrow, right?
Not tomorrow, on Sunday.

S: With who?
Not with you.

S: I know, thank God.
I know.

Mike don’t fly.
Yeah, you’re scared to fly. Ha!

S: Who are you going to Hawaii with?
Me, myself and I.

S: That’s it? You’re gonna film yourself out there.
And Johnny Layton and Frank Mare. Pedro and Justin Henry. So it’s gonna be like a fun Scramble. You know what was the worst part? Do you remember that frontside flip down the five block? That was probably the worst part of this trip. It was raining, my feet hurt, it was, like, 11 at night and I was pissed.

Kader Photo7 750pxShould we get ice cream instead?

S: You were mad at me. What were you mad at me for?
When am I not mad at you?

And then I asked you to do it again.
Oh yeah. But you got it so I guess that was a good thing. I’d rather do it on something else, like take me to SF.

Yeah, let’s get to SF or Seattle or Hawaii.
S: So let’s get this straight—
No, Mike, don’t ask me nothing. I want Burnett talking to me, not you.

Who should be Skater of the Year?

How come?
Have you seen Blessed? That’s why.

You got a trick over one of those cans?
Yeah, I can front heel 360 over one. I can nollie 360 backside flip over one first try. Right out of bed at one in the morning blindfolded backwards.

If you’re gonna tell Mike how to improve his team management, what suggestions would you give him?
Quit team managing.

Kader Photo14 750px
What would he be good at doing?
Nothing. Work at Burger King.

But for real, what did Frank say to get you out from underneath that handrail?
Frank’s just way cooler and I’d rather listen to him than Mike.

S: What did he tell you?
I don’t know, Mike. I don’t remember at all. All I know is he’s cooler than you and that you’re a jackass.

So everybody from the last Am Scramble went pro. Do you think it’s gonna work out like that for these guys?
Hell no.

Who’s not going? Who’s getting left behind?

Dude, c’mon.
Wait ’til when?

We got one year. Glick was the last one.
Fabiana might be the last one. Pedro’s gonna be the first one, Justin might be the second one and I don’t remember who else was on the trip. Sorry.

We got Henry, we got Jaakko, Gabbers.
Jaakko might be the second one. Gabbers—I don’t know. What’s Gabbers on?

He’s on Zero.
Oh, they just turned Chris Wimer pro. Yeah might be awhile.

What about Simon?
Simon probably will go pro. Wait, what’s he on? Girl? Yeah, he’ll probably go pro.

It’s looking good, I think.
Who do you think will go pro first? Let’s put $100 on who’s going pro first.

I’m saying it could be equal chances Pedro or Justin.
I say Pedro. How ’bout I have $100 on Pedro you have $100 on Justin?

Okay, yeah, I’ll take that.
Actually, I don’t want $100. I want to go on the SOTY trip. That’s all I want.

Better hope your guy wins.
Alright, deal.
Kader Quote4 750pxAlright, you’re in.
Am I done? Can this be done? This has been going on for an hour.

I think we’re done. Are you feeling good about it?
Yeah. Fuck Mike Sinclair.

Well, thanks for going on the trip. I’m sorry we skated too much.
It was fun.

Kader Photo8 750px

Kader Sylla Pro Interview

Last year, all the Scramblers went pro within twelve months of the trip. Will this year’s crop have the same success rate? Judging by how quickly Kader got the nod, the chances are looking good. Lui Elliot had a quick chat him him post-Scramble. Congrats on the pro board, Mr. Sylla! 

By Lui Elliot

Kader Photo18 750px
So how does it feel to be pro?
The same, I guess.

Did you cry?
Nuh uh.

Did you think that was gonna happen so quick?
No, not for like another ten years.

Ten years? You thought it was going to take you that long?
I didn’t really think of it ever.

Kader Photo15 750pxA little drizzle can’t stop Kader’s sizzle. Frontside flip to make The Boss proud

Has anything changed for you?
Board royalties.

That’s it?

Are you going to start buying JUUL Pods with that salary increase?

Dude, what’s up with that? Have you been smoking one of those stupid things? Don’t fucking lie to me.
I’m not!

So you’re gonna sit there and tell me that you’ve never hit a JUUL before.
Wait, is this going in the interview?

Fuck no! My mom might read this shit.

Have you even skated since you went pro?
Like four or five times.

Have you stopped caring about skating since you went pro? That’s what usually happens.
I don’t know. I want to film for Baker 4. That’s all I want to do but it’s been fucking raining.

So what about school then? How are you gonna film for Baker 4 if you’re in school every day?
I get out at 11:30 now. I do independent studies but I did badly in it so they’re making me go back and do all the work I missed.

Were you a good student before your skateboarding career started to take off?
I always sucked. There was only one year that I did the best ever and that was in the 7th grade. I got As, Bs and Cs.

Why was it so easy for you that particular year?
I think it’s because I tried so hard. I wouldn’t do anything besides homework all day.

Kader Photo16 750pxAfter his tail drop at the Dime Challenge, this palette dive was NBD (No Big Deal)

Do you think it’s because you don’t apply yourself?
Yeah, it’s hard. In 7th grade it was easier work but now it’s a lot harder and takes more time so I just stopped.

Have you become more popular at school since you went pro?
Not really.

Does anyone even know?
All of my skater friends.

What about girls and shit?

Are you saving up your money to buy anything big or special?
No, just save it till I’m 18 then move out.

Why do you want to move out at 18?
Because that shit would be beast. My own place? Walk around naked and shit.

You know it’s expensive, right? How much do you think rent is a month?
Yeah, I pay some of my rent now. Isn’t a one bedroom $1,700, damn near?

Good luck finding that.
How much is it?

I would say about $2300. You’re better off saving to buy a house and paying the mortgage instead.
Yeah, I don’t know. I’ll save up until I want to do something.

What about a car?
I’m scared of driving but I’m gonna get a car.

Kader Photo17 750pxPhoto: Jaako

Have you ever driven before?

What’s so scary about it?
I just suck at it.

But that’s anything. You’re not going to try something and be the best at it the first time. It doesn’t work like that.
I mean, yeah. I’m gonna try to go get my permit. What’s today?

Tuesday the sixth.
I have an appointment tomorrow.

What’s your first car gonna be after you get that permit?
I might get Rowan’s Cadillac.

That would be so sick.
If he wants to pass it down, I'll take it.

If you could tell all of the skater kids in the world who want to go pro one thing, what would it be?
Just skate and have fun. Be outside of the box, I guess.

Kader Photo19 750px

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