Actions REALized Tour: Detroit with Dan Mancina

The REAL crew kept the Actions REALized Tour rolling into Detroit, starting the day off with the Plus skateshop campers, followed by a limited Tommy Guerrero Board release at Refuge to stand up to cancer and ending with a skate jam at The Wig DIY where Dan Mancina was surprised with his new Braille board. Thank you, Motor City!

1 skatecamp 750pxThe Plus skateshop camp—teaching the next generation about more than just skateboarding

2 skatecamp 750pxGuest of honor and local legend Dan Mancina signing autographs for the kids

3 skatecamp 750pxWhatever you want signed, Brockel’s got it

5 skatecamp 750pxPutting a broken board to good use!

7 skatecamp 750pxRob Woelkers from Plus got his K-Walks cover signed for the shop wall

8 skatecamp 750pxAnd a photo with the SOTY!

9 skatecamp 750pxAnother one with Randy from Plus

10 refuge 750pxLiam holds it down at Refuge and was rocking the limited Tommy G shirt

11 refuge 750pxThe shop window was looking rad—thanks to Jay Croft for lending a hand with the build

12 refuge 750pxZ and J-Brock running the counter and hooking up pizza for the whole crew

13 refuge 750pxOnly 20 made, 100 percent of the profits going to Eric and Ashley to help pay for their cancer-treatment bills

14 refuge 750pxThank you to the entire Refuge crew and everyone that supports the shop

15 wig 750pxJason Poirier and his lady rolled up to The Wig in this badass ride

16 wig 750pxHoller at my dogs

17 wig 750pxLarry is a Wig local and keeps the place fired up at all times

18 wig 750pxThe bump-to-bench session was getting heated

19 wig 750pxLiam and Z came through to watch the action after closing the shop

20 wig 750pxHardflip for a free board—hell yes

21 wig 750pxCount Mack and posse hand screening custom shirts

22 wig 750pxThe hard work of the Community Push crew. The city is planning to tear out the spot soon, but they can’t stop skateboarding!

23 wig 750pxThe locals were busting

24 wig 750pxHermann Stene with a boosted frontside flip

25 wig 750pxYou can always count on J-Brock to put on a good show

26 wig 750pxDan Mancina isn’t afraid of taking a slam

27 wig 750pxFront board transfer and the crowd goes wild

28 wig 750pxK-Walks and the crew gave Dan his new Braille Actions REALized board. Best birthday present ever? Fuck yes, Dan!

29 wig 750pxEpic humans: Will Dandalides, Thrasher Intern Dan Stelly and Tanner Van Vark

30 wig 750pxWig Lady Local

31 wig 750pxDetroit, Rock City

32 wig 750pxThese lady rippers were shredding

33 wig 750pxPanic in Detroit—Rock ’n’ Roll

34 wig 750pxKyle Eby, Francois Decombie, Cameron Carmichael and Pat Miller from Dunwell Dry Goods

35 wig 750pxPat Galloway with his best Red Steel

36 wig 750pxThe overlord of The Wig and Community Push leader, Derrick Dykas, with a switch crooks on the spot he built

37 wig 750pxNick Jaskey and Count Mack

38 wig 750pxSwitch flip for the crowd

39 wig 750pxJ-Brock tré flip challenge handled with the quickness

40 wig 750pxThanks to Nike SB for hooking some of the locals up with fresh kicks and for bringing in the food truck

41 wig 750pxLeukemia survivor Miles Grandstaff, Ben Clarke from People skateshop and our tour guide extraordinaire, Justin Bohl

42 wig 750pxThe twin legends of The Wig, Amir and Rashad, looking tough as nails

43 wig 750pxThis dude was ripping all day and got hooked the fuck up!

44 wig 750pxThe Community Push crew—these guys do so much for Detroit skateboarding. ’Til next time, Motor City. You know we’ll be back!
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