5 Sequences: 08.31.2017

Mike Blabac brings us 5 stellar sequences featuring Evan Smith, Wes Kremer and Matt Miller. The DC Promo video is gonna be raw. 


EvanSmith Ollie Seq

Evan Smith, pop POP! Quick-footed ollie


WesKremer Shuv Fs Crooks

Krusty Kremer, shove it front crooks to fakie for the hemmies


MattMiller NollieInwardHeel

Matt Miller, nollie inward heel over the bar. Bet that alternate angle is sick


EvanSmith KF Spain

Kickflip over the rail into the bank. Watch that wall, E-Smith! 


WesKremer InwardHeel

Good inward heelflips are few and far between. Unless you're Wes Kremer