5 Greats: Wes Kremer

Wes Kremer Header 5 Greats 2000
Wes has been to the top of the mountain—remember 2014?!—and still stays committed to the game as hard as ever. With a new fucked-up part in SK8Mafia’s 2023 full-length, we figure it was time to get some rankings on the record from our longtime friend. Read on as Wes lays out the lists from Rhino moments, to Smolikisms, Underground Rippers and more in this piece in our July mag.

The Mafia never misses. Hit play to take in the new full-length from SD's finest

Shit You Cant Believe You Saw 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
Inspirational People Outside Of Skating 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Everyday people
  • King Diamond
  • Emergency response teams
  • Dr. Sebi
  • Juicy J
SD Legends 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Danny Way
  • Peter Hewitt
  • Tony Gwynn
  • Brandon Turner
  • Wayne Dietsch
Hype Songs 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Metal
  • Geto Boys
  • Angel Dust
  • Van percussion
  • Cyril Jackson’s freestyles

WesKremerSwitch wallie to forward SD2023 Rhino DZHe’s seen the light! fakie wallride to forwards    Photo: Rhino

Rhino Moments 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Meeting Rhino and P-Stone at Med Choice gap at 14
  • Getting choked out by Rhino at 21
  • Getting a birthday cake from Rhino at 30
  • Consistent blood, sweat and cheers given to skateboarding daily
  • I cherish every goddamn moment
SD Spots 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Concourse
  • Del Mar cliffs
  • Mushroom caves
  • 5th and Quince
  • Tangiers Court

Wes Kremer Darkslide SK8MAFIA 750Wes bends the law with a darkslide

Sounds 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Rolling thunder
  • Catching tiles
  • “IE”
  • Powerslides
  • “Uuuuugggggghhhhhh”
Skate Videos 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Bru-Ray
  • The Storm
  • Ian Reid’s video
  • transworld videos
Advice You Shouldve Listened To 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • “Never trust a fart” —Jack Nicholson
  • “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” —Jimmy Astleford
  • “Don’t drink that wine” —Myself
  • “You’re on the cusp” —Darren Navarette
  • “Remember to make good choices” —Mom
Off Board 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Banger management
  • Exploring foreign territory
  • Pursuits to the store before the cutoff
  • Beach life
  • Night life

DSC 3990 DZOllie over the hole in faraway lands     Photo: Rhoades

Shit To Trip On 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Times
  • Technology
  • Synchronicity
  • Stepping on a fresh turd
  • Parking tickets
People You Miss Skating With 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Rodney Johnson
  • Preston Maigetter
  • Joe Hammeke
  • Tommy Cantrell
  • Marc “Shockus” Delellis
Ways To Stay Positive 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Don’t be negative
  • Skateboard
  • Get off the Internet
  • Cold shower
  • Could always be worse

PQ Could Always Be Worse Wes Kremer 5 Greats 2000
DSC 4042 DZFront-shove 50 for those who never could       Photo: Rhoades

Reasons To Keep It Flip Phone 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Call
  • Text
  • Outta sight, outta mind
  • Lose it, break it
  • Too many phonies
Items In The Fridge 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Garlic
  • Baking soda
  • Assortment of fast-food sauce packets
  • Life after skateboarding
  • Slabs

WesKremer stpaul 1 alexpires 2000Salad in the fridge? Nah, Wes puts it in the bin      Photo: Pires

Smolikisms 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • “Nineties… Nah, son, 40s”
  • “Muthaphukkaz see me wanna be me ‘n’ shit”
  • “Spot up, sucka!”
  • “You put the thing thing in the thing thing”
  • Any quote from Raw with ODS episode three and four
Movies 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Ace Ventura (both of them)
  • Crank
  • Lucy
  • The Deer Hunter
  • Fully Flared

PQ Kill Them With Kindness Wes Kremer 5 Greats 2000
DSC 3351 DZTaking the long way on a switch 180     Photo: Rhoades

Ways To Get Out 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Don’t get caught in the first place
  • Kill them with kindness
  • Pee your pants
  • “Cuanto para llevar?”
  • Park somewhere else
Ridiculous Songs 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • When
  • We
  • Going
  • To
  • Karaoke?
Flatground Tricks 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Stick and pitch
  • Wheelbite
  • Darkside throwdown
  • Pogo
  • Coffin sit

Trasnition Tricks 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Drop in to hang up
  • Slash and burn
  • El Palito
  • Barefoot and blindfolded
  • Roll in or get out

 DSC7083 DZPee-your-pants wallride to 5-0    Photo: Rhino

Qualities In A Home 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Be there
  • Beer there
  • Respect
  • Need a lift?
  • Come on! Where’s the fuckin’ hype!
Items To Keep In Trunk 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Cruiser board
  • Fear
  • Mannequin leg
  • Spare brain
  • Junk
Reasons To Call it a day 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Call it a day when it’s night
  • The sun rises and the sun sets
  • Skate or don’t
  • Never enough days
  • Caught in the beach vortex
Pictures On the Bedroom Wall 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Poster of Simpsons' characters
  • Homie Check Outs and Who’s Hots
  • Scott Kane archives
  • Signed Mathias Ringstrom poster
  • “We Kill Trees and Party” enjoi ad

PQ Call It A Day When Its Night Wes Kremer 5 Greats 2000
WesKremerSwitchtreflipSD2023 Rhino DZSwitch tré over the thing thing. Tear this out and stick it on your wall      Photo: Rhino

Underground Rippers 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Lukas Miller
  • Chris Cope
  • William Patrick
  • Richie Vinz
  • Jake Phelps
Hopes For The Future 5 Greats Subheads Wes Kremer
  • Body function
  • A good chair at the beach
  • World peace
  • Deflation
  • Tomorrow

WesKremer NollieGrind SDCA2023 Rhino DZ ac1Lotta hazards on this nollie 50-50. Wes Kremer is one of the greats!     Photo: Rhino
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