Junk Drawer
  • Sheepside 1-Year Anniversary

    Sheepside 1-Year Anniversary
    The DIY spirit is alive in Hawaii and the Shitty Kids were there to capture the concrete-con-carnage! Aloha or die!
  • Element YMCA Skate Camp 2018

    Element YMCA Skate Camp 2018
    Register for skate camp before January 1st, 2018 and get yourself a free Element backpack, deck, and hat.
  • The 6th Annual Reggie Destin Memorial Contest

    The 6th Annual Reggie Destin Memorial Contest
    Check out this video from last weekend's 6th Annual Reggie Destin memorial time trials and carve contest at Donuthill.
  • Chris Jameson's "Friend Zone" Part

    Chris Jameson's "Friend Zone" Part
    Long, lanky and hailing from Washington state, Chris brings down the curtains with one helluva last part in videographer Jake Menne's Friend Zone video.

    Montreal has a skate scene that’s booming right now. Between Dime and Peace park there’s a ton of things to skate out there and the talent to rip the spots to shreds. From the mind of Guillaume Thibault, run, jump, PARKOUR to see this video.
  • Young Emericans B-Sides: Kader Sylla

    Young Emericans B-Sides: Kader Sylla
    Some people battle tricks and some just figure them out like a Sunday-morning crossword puzzle. Kader falls into the latter category, hardly breaking a sweat while filming his Young Emericans part. Check his B-Sides edit and rest easy knowing the future is in good hands.
  • The Follow Up: Kader Sylla's Young Emericans Interview

    The Follow Up: Kader Sylla's Young Emericans Interview
    Atiba sits down with Kader and talks about juggling, sacking rails, Willy Santos and getting texts from Andrew Reynolds at school. This kid rules.
  • Volcom's "RV Rampage" Teaser

    Volcom's "RV Rampage" Teaser
    When you pack this many rippers into an RV and hit the highway for a few months, the result is pretty obvious: absolute spot desecration! The full rampage rolls out on Monday.
  • Louie Lopez Interview

    Louie Lopez Interview
    Louie's West End part was an absolute barn burner! Check the photos and read the words from the man himself. Hey, he's buddies with Keanu Reeves! He's worth listening to!

    Videographer Jeremy Knott filmed in Israel for a week with the Tel Aviv locals. Good spots, good dudes, check out the vid.
In The Mag
Big Boy Foy blazes a front crooks down El Toro, landing front and center on the January 2018 cover. Huge Foy feature inside with plenty of head-scratching WTFs. Fellow Flat Earther Chase Webb expounds upon the virtues of handrail hammers with six pages of certified sickness. On the travel front, Wayward wheels drinks in the good times in Deutschland and Nike messes with the Midwest. Vagabond-wise, Volcom hits the highway in their '83 Wanderlodge, annihilating America one spot at a time. Concrete crusader Tom Scharr gets the Heads interview treatment along with awesome Aussie Gabriel Summers. In the Zounds department we've got full coverage of Sam Hitz' Larbfest 2017: metal, mayhem, zines and zorchage! Two-thousand-eighteen is gonna be brutal! Add this one to your collection.