• Firing Line: Blake Carpenter

    Firing Line: Blake Carpenter
    The pool is empty, but Blake opts to take a lap around the perimeter. Hello, summer. 
  • Firing Line: Bobby de Keyzer

    Firing Line: Bobby de Keyzer
    Bobby narrowly escapes a dog attack and makes it to the bottom of the hill unharmed.
  • Firing Line: Chris Cole

    Firing Line: Chris Cole
    Cole lets loose with a rarely seen ledge combo.
  • Firing Line: Dorian Gray

    Firing Line: Dorian Gray
    Dorian winds his way through this spot, stomping three makes in the process.
  • Firing Line: Stephen Lawyer

    Firing Line: Stephen Lawyer
    Speed, trick selection, and style. Lawyer casually crushes a SoCal schoolyard.
  • Firing Line: Carlos Iqui

    Firing Line: Carlos Iqui
    Snapping any flip-trick over the JKwon blocks is an accomplishment. And Carlos even throws in a sick ender after that.
  • Firing Line: Jack Kirk

    Firing Line: Jack Kirk
    Damn, skating looks so sick when it's done at a high rate of speed. Jack is hauling ass here and manages to throw in a surprise ender as well.
  • Firing Line: Sean Conover

    Firing Line: Sean Conover
    Sean gets real serious about his kickflip backside tailslides in this line.
  • Firing Line: Tom Asta

    Firing Line: Tom Asta
    A beautiful line at a beautiful spot. Sometimes things work out perfectly.
  • Firing Line: Micky Papa

    Firing Line: Micky Papa
    For a lot of skaters, pulling off one tech ledge move is a huge accomplishment. A 3-ledge line like this requires unreal board control.