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Spitfire x Antihero: Tony Trujillo

TNT unleashes the high-voltage, explosive attack that’s made him one of the all-time best. This part will get your blood pumping. SKATE AND DESTROY!

  • Antihero's "Urban Mutations" Video

    Antihero's "Urban Mutations" Video
    Urban Mutations is the latest video from Antihero to continue their ongoing 'Fuck Your Condo' series of video explorations. Watch it now at and check out their Fall catalog.
  • Charred Remains: Arson Dept.

    Charred Remains: Arson Dept.
    Check out the raw cuts of the crew filming for the Arson Dept edit for Spitfire.
  • Charred Remains: Thrash and Burn in Germany And Prague

    Charred Remains: Thrash and Burn in Germany And Prague
    The amount of footage accumulated on this trip is downright prolific. From underpasses to vert ramps to Stalin Square, it just don’t stop.
  • Spitfire's "Arson Dept." Video

    Spitfire's "Arson Dept." Video
    From across the ocean to just across the street, Spitfire team members come from all over to visit the Bay and take advantage of its unique streets. Check it out.
  • Pushing For Pink '17 Recap Video

    Pushing For Pink '17 Recap Video
    The 3rd Annual Pushing For Pink event in San Francisco went down over the weekend, bringing skaters from all over together to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Prevention. Check out the video here.