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Nate Greenwood's "Indy Raw Ams" Part

Nate is a footy-stacking machine and this part came together in no time. Effortless lines, wild rail moves and more are just a click away.

  • New from Indy

    New from Indy
    Check out all of the new trucks from Independent in their Fall' 18 catalog.
  • Vans x Independent

    Vans x Independent
    Vans and Independent Truck Co., join forces for the latest installment of their collaboration series.
  • Independent x Thrasher

    Independent x Thrasher
    Take a few laps around the Detroit Ride It Sculpture Park with Marius, Kremer, T-Funk and Stearns as they heat up the sesh for the new Indy x Thrasher truck.
  • Tristan Rennie's "Indy Raw Ams" Part

    Tristan Rennie's "Indy Raw Ams" Part
    It’s one thing to do some of the tricks you’re about to see, but it’s a whole other story to be dispatching them in the tight and cramped conditions of a backyard pool. Tristan makes it look way too easy.
  • Tristan Rennie’s Video Premiere: SoCal skateshop

    Tristan Rennie’s Video Premiere: SoCal skateshop
    A solid crew went over to Omar Hassan’s backyard bowl for an afternoon session before heading to SoCal skateshop for Tristan Rennie’s Indy video premiere.