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Gosha Konyshev’s "Zima" Part

Filmed in Russia in the dead of winter, Gosha Konyshev’s Zima part has simply got to be viewed to believe. No more complaining about crappy weather—EVER! This part is so nuts.

  • adidas Latin America "Daedalus" Video

    adidas Latin America "Daedalus" Video
    An eclectic cast of shredders tackle terrain in America’s Southern Hemisphere, with some special footy from Brazilian legend Rodrigo TX.
  • adidas presents 20|50

    adidas presents 20|50
    Mark Gonzales and Tyshawn Jones,who are celebrating a 50th and 20th birthday this year, push across New York City in a free-flowing 8-minute edit.
  • adidas' Summer in the Streets

    adidas' Summer in the Streets
    Due to an incredibly successful Los Angeles debut, Beyond the Streets, will be extending through August 26th.
  • Nora Vasconcellos' Matchcourt RX Colorway

    Nora Vasconcellos' Matchcourt RX Colorway
    adidas announces Nora Vasconcellos’ first signature colorway for the Matchcourt RX. Check it out.
  • 3MC /// ALL OF US

    3MC /// ALL OF US
    This quick glimpse features an exclusive version of the 3MC inspired by your favorite slappy curb. Featuring Nestor Judkins, Frankie Spears, Jack Fardell and Daewon Song.