Tyson Peterson Goes Pro

With the filming of King of the Road season 3 coming to a close, you know Thrasher and Viceland were bound to end it with a bang! And what better way than to reward Tyson Peterson for all of the hard work he’s put in these past few years? The plan was to get all of his close friends together at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach and fire it up for his first night as a professional skateboarder. His mom even reached out and told me she was going to fly in and surprise him with his first pro board. And to top it off, Element spiced things up with free drinks to keep the crowd entertained while they waited for Tyson to show up, so it was bound to be an interesting night! — Alex Papke

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 1 750pxSneak preview of his first two graphics

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 2 750pxFirst thing’s first—who has the drink tickets?!

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 3 750pxHouse of Vans man, Mike Díaz, eager as ever

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 4 750pxStill can’t get the high-five from Jamie Hart, though. Maybe next time!

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 5 750pxDon’t forget your ID

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 6 750pxWhen J-Lay talks, people listen

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 7 750px“You don’t want a glow stick?!”

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 8 750pxNo photos tonight for Pedro Delfino—keeping it low-key, as always 

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 9 750pxIt’s a proven fact that beer is better when it’s free!

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 10 750pxThe board wall started getting some attention from the Long Beach crew

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 11 750pxRussel James in disbelief that his roommate got the pro nod! Does this mean we get a bigger apartment, too?

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 12 750px“Before I let you in, I gotta let you know that’s one ugly sweater ya got”

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 13 750pxWhile we waited almost two hours at the bar for Tyson to show up, Alex’s Bar kept the party going. Thanks, Element!

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 14 750pxYou ever been to a going-pro party that had complimentary scarves? I hadn’t either until last night

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 15 750pxActive heads, Morgnar and Tim Tim

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 16 750pxLegends showing up left and right! Hassan and Tuan were no exceptions

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 17 750pxFlorida’s Chad Poore knows a nice can when he sees one

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 18 750pxJamie Hart signs off on it—David and Frank approve 

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 19 750pxMasterlensman Tom Mull in the building!

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 20 750pxAnd close behind, Pittsburgh’s finest, Evan Smith 

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 21 750pxIt’s not a party without the Salk!

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 22 750px“Hold up. You’re gonna let those clowns in but not us?”

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 23 750pxBobby Bils stoked to see his childhood friend doing it big time

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 24 750pxThe anticipation was killing everyone

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 25 750pxHere it goes….

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 26 750pxThe man of the hour

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 27 750pxIt was all too much going on at once for Tyson

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 28 750pxIt's unanimous. The crowd wants more!

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 29 750pxFrom confused to stoked, right back to confused again—you know it was a good surprise 

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 30 750pxAnd, of course, it wouldn’t be possible without family to back him up

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 31 750pxJust the first of many boards to come

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 32 750pxK-Walks approved. Duh

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 33 750pxCouldn’t have done it without Johnny 

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 34 750pxDakota Hunt is a real one! Skate collage tee to go with the party. GTWYC!

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 35 750pxThings quickly started to heat up

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 36 750pxAfter a long day, sometimes the only thing left to do is dance. Ask Ryan Lee; he’ll tell you all about it

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 37 750pxBut whatever you do, don’t choke him! He doesn’t like that. 

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 38 750pxA quick speech to further hype up the crowd

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 39 750pxTwo is better than one

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 40 750pxHis mom, Dawn, was just as hyped as he was

 TYSONproParty photoPAPKE 41 750pxAnd it wouldn’t have been possible without any of these guys! Shoutout to Johnny and everyone at Element for the killer night. And congrats again, Tyson! You deserve it, buddy!
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