Burnout: Last Run!

Final session at Brighton’s ramp with the pros and bros gathering for a farewell schralp.

burnoutlast run 01 750pxLoneliest discipline. Soul skaters only

burnoutlast run 02 750pxAnd then a shining beam of light!

burnoutlast run 03 750pxLocals mostly. Lizzie used to keep a room here. Monster boxes still show up

burnoutlast run 04 750pxLein pick, Bird-wise

burnoutlast run 05 750pxFlume flight

burnoutlast run 06 750pxDid Tony invent the stale? Or Gonz? Discuss among yourselves

burnoutlast run 07 750pxSide note: Tony lands with his wheels rolling across the coping on probably one out of five airs but never hangs up. It’s incredible

burnoutlast run 08 750pxAnd then … the hosts with the mosts – Brighton and Jeff! Thanks, y’all

burnoutlast run 09 750pxNose drive

burnoutlast run 10 750pxKids showed up. Pabich de Rojo con el Fast Plant!

burnoutlast run 11 750pxTucked-up oop. A local’s mastery!

burnoutlast run 12 750pxHey Omar

burnoutlast run 13 750pxClear the decks! Here comes Clay

burnoutlast run 14 750pxBig E, frigid AF

burnoutlast run 15 750pxFour wheels out, scooped

burnoutlast run 16 750pxWho’s this air hog???

burnoutlast run 17 750pxDamn Keegan! Save some for the the rest of us

burnoutlast run 18 750px‘Whattya want to see?’

burnoutlast run 19 750pxAir! Always

burnoutlast run 20 750px#decked

burnoutlast run 21 750pxIndy to fakie to check the endorsements

burnoutlast run 22 750pxWhoooo!

burnoutlast run 23 750pxSeen this kid?

burnoutlast run 24 750pxSpeaking of. ShowMar!

burnoutlast run 25 750pxGnarls Marle from C Springs. Wait’ll you see

burnoutlast run 26 750pxTense talk on the roll outs

burnoutlast run 27 750pxSave it for the sky time, boys

burnoutlast run 28 750pxKeegan wears black on the outside ‘cos that’s how his handplants feel on the inside

burnoutlast run 29 750pxYesss! Tha Muscle!

burnoutlast run 30 750pxThe best

burnoutlast run 31 750pxLegendary Lonnie Hiramoto, smashing and sliding

burnoutlast run 32 750pxGood buddy

burnoutlast run 35 750pxPerfect lipslide

burnoutlast run 36 750pxOver the gap …. to revert

burnoutlast run 37 750pxAnd over to slider fakie. These kids do it all

burnoutlast run 38 750pxAnd from the Rodney Mead School of Vertical Assault™ Portland’s Zion O’Friel stick and pokes a Madonna. Wow!

burnoutlast run 39 750pxSlob varial D. Holy shit!

burnoutlast run 40 750pxFakie to fakie

burnoutlast run 41 750pxDon’t worry. Wes got it!

burnoutlast run 42 750pxStiff comp out here

burnoutlast run 43 750pxZack plays it cool tho

burnoutlast run 44 750pxBB gun gallery behind the ramp

burnoutlast run 45 750pxThree tries each

burnoutlast run 46 750pxLet the Living Dead show you how it’s done, boy!

burnoutlast run 47 750pxAh, hell

burnoutlast run 48 750pxOh shit, rockers …

burnoutlast run 49 750pxDon’t worry, I know these fools!

burnoutlast run 50 750pxFace it Collin, you’re O’Side now

burnoutlast run 51 750pxJimmy plays hard to get in the corner. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, I suppose

burnoutlast run 52 750pxMeanwhile, back in the stratosphere

burnoutlast run 53 750pxAy, yi, yi!

burnoutlast run 54 750pxIf I could do this I would only do this

burnoutlast run 55 750pxEvangelical to fakie

burnoutlast run 56 750pxFSA revert. Yep

burnoutlast run 57 750pxHighly-unorthodox fast plant nose grind. Only other dude I seen do this is Danny Minnick

burnoutlast run 58 750pxRemember Gnarls? Well here you go: Crail Egg, aka, “the Craig”

burnoutlast run 59 750pxOh shit, Mothra’s in!

burnoutlast run 60 750pxMuscle tries his luck with Andy Scott’s kicky egg

burnoutlast run 61 750pxIf it was easy, everyone would do it

burnoutlast run 62 750pxVamp, May Day

burnoutlast run 63 750pxBetter view of the Craig. Tell your friends

burnoutlast run 64 750pxAnd then for something a little bit more classic

burnoutlast run 65 750pxModern lein, snatched up

burnoutlast run 66 750pxLein Heel-A Monster. Creature’s on a roll with these graphics, BTW

burnoutlast run 67 750pxTop view

burnoutlast run 68 750pxBluntslide with a beanplant assist from Zion. Reminds me of a young Matt Gallardo!

burnoutlast run 69 750pxHolmes, tailgrab at twilight

burnoutlast run 70 750pxYet Jeff wants more

burnoutlast run 71 750pxAnd …. #decked!

burnoutlast run 72 750pxBennett, practically in the dark

burnoutlast run 73 750pxTailslide the whole ramp to ollie over the channel

burnoutlast run 74 750pxA little Venice in Encinitas. Nice

burnoutlast run 75 750pxThen it was pretty much down to Kreiner

burnoutlast run 76 750pxYou can imagine where it went from here. Thanks so much to Brighton and the Zeuner family for having us for one last hurrah! It’s not easy being a ramp owner. Thanks for the good times, your patience and friendship.
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    Burnout: Last Run!
    Final session at Brighton’s ramp with the pros and bros gathering for a farewell schralp.
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