Burnout: Girl in the Tree

The KC stop of the Vans Scorchin' Summer tour starts with a man down and ends with a lady in a tree.

burnout tree 001 750pxThis isn't the man down. This is just Tyson easing into the day

burnout tree 002 750pxThis thing

burnout tree 003 750pxLooking good until it looked very, very bad

burnout tree 004 750pxG'damn it!

burnout tree 005 750pxThe ride to the ER

burnout tree 006 750pxTough as nails, young Rowan

burnout tree 007 750pxHe'll be back

burnout tree 008 750pxLater, the tropical paradise of the KC park

burnout tree 009 750pxAlways a heavy scene

burnout tree 010 750pxGeoff grabs some sky time, straight off

burnout tree 011 750pxSOTY flip

burnout tree 012 750pxBerle takes it upstream, as is his bold style!

burnout tree 013 750pxTyson on bar

burnout tree 014 750pxBoom!

burnout tree 015 750pxFrontside 'canes to fakie and forwards

burnout tree 016 750pxYung Pacheco with the impossible lip

burnout tree 017 750pxFuck yo can!

burnout tree 018 750pxJ Lay lofty – your GD right he's still got it!

burnout tree 019 750pxKFBSLSSI. Trust me

burnout tree 020 750pxBackside 180 nosegrind to forward from the matt B school of maneuvers

burnout tree 021 750pxBerle's on a switch crooks kick lately

burnout tree 022 750pxThere's a nose grab in there somewhere

burnout tree 023 750pxWu Keeper, also keeping the BSNBS looking good

burnout tree 024 750pxHalf cab Smith to fakie

burnout tree 025 750pxGersh!

burnout tree 026 750pxEuro hopping into a the fakie nosegrind

burnout tree 027 750pxHella shove

burnout tree 028 750pxChima with the KFFSBS. First T!

burnout tree 029 750pxAnd then the closer …

burnout tree 030 750pxYep, on command. Hell of a trick, Berle!

burnout tree 031 750pxTime to comb the audience. Whattup, Y'all!

burnout tree 032 750pxThis youngster eschewed medical attention for his broken ankle to see the rest of the demo. Hard choices

burnout tree 033 750pxModelo babes, everywhere

burnout tree 034 750pxSomeday I'll make it to Compton

burnout tree 035 750pxIs that Sherilyn Fenn?

burnout tree 036 750pxTime to get some

burnout tree 037 750pxNo waiting in the bowl

burnout tree 038 750pxI was there

burnout tree 039 750pxBring your amulets, if you got some

burnout tree 040 750pxWhattup fellow shutter bug?!

burnout tree 041 750pxHyped

burnout tree 042 750pxBut these guys …

burnout tree 043 750pxThese guys are my kind of guys!

burnout tree 044 750pxBest Trick line up

burnout tree 045 750pxNot that they're all serious

burnout tree 046 750pxChug Life

burnout tree 047 750pxThanks for coming!

burnout tree 048 750pxHeavy metal

burnout tree 049 750pxDFL

burnout tree 050 750pxAnd again

burnout tree 051 750pxUghh!

burnout tree 052 750pxThese badasses

burnout tree 053 750px'Quiet, I'm watching my show'

burnout tree 054 750pxHappy Ryan Lovell Day!

burnout tree 055 750pxAnother glimpse of paradise

burnout tree 056 750pxGX'ophiles

burnout tree 057 750pxDIY it yourself, Loyal Pawn style

burnout tree 058 750pxBring your newborn, if you got one

burnout tree 059 750pxDoes that say 'Karate Explosion?'

burnout tree 060 750pxStraight to the 'Gram. And by Gram I mean, Gramma

burnout tree 061 750pxWe'll always have the Summer of '17

burnout tree 062 750pxTake a picture, it'll last longer

burnout tree 063 750pxMemory Card Full

burnout tree 064 750pxSup

burnout tree 065 750pxSchnauzers, everywhere

burnout tree 066 750pxAlong with Thrasher babes. Wow!

burnout tree 067 750pxYep, a good time was had by all. Thanks for rolling out everybody!

burnout tree 068 750pxBut then the real adventure begins …

burnout tree 069 750pxK Walks threw a new pair of shoes high into a dead tree. The young man who initially climbed in pursuit couldn't reach them giving this girl an idea of her own

burnout tree 070 750pxShe quickly scaled the tree, passing him despite wearing a dress and no shoes. 'These are mine, bitch!' she said as she scuttled over his head

burnout tree 071 750pxSuccess!

burnout tree 072 750pxBut then it would seem they were both stuck.

burnout tree 073 750pxWhile easing down the bare trunk she suddenly slipped, dropping four feet to a lower nook

burnout tree 074 750pxWhich is when the Vans team sprang into action!

burnout tree 075 750pxUltimately aiding in her rescue

burnout tree 076 750pxScraped and bruised, the size 10 KWalks were hers!

burnout tree 077 750pxIt was way more exciting in person. Another Scorchin Summer miracle. So glad it was a happy ending. Whew!
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  • Burnout: Girl in the Tree

    Burnout: Girl in the Tree
    The KC stop of the Vans Scorchin' Summer tour starts with a man down and ends with a lady in a tree.
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